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Columbus is America’s first great hero Essay Sample

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Columbus is America’s first great hero Essay Sample

They present Columbus pretty much without precedent, and they portray him as America’s first great hero. (31)2. No, because we have been duped by an outrageous concoction of lies and omissions. (33)3. They made Columbus out to be a hero as an explorer and underplay previous explorers that have been to America’s before 1492. They also said that Columbus’s voyages prompted changes in Europe, paved the way to domination of the world for the next 500 years. (35) Diseases were another factor, deadly forms of smallpox, influenza and the plague had arisen after the voyage had taken place.4. The five factors are they underplay previous explorers, another is Europe’s reaction toColumbus’s reports, also failed to mention that his voyages were heavily armed, that Spain needed spices for bad meat and that Europe was just curious and transparent.5.

The purpose of Columbus exploration was to find wealth. Yes, it differs. I don’t remember it saying anything about setting out to find gold and kidnap slaves.6. No, students are going to think exactly what they read. No thinking outside the box on this.7. By making it challenging for students to make their decisions as to what happened. I agree Loewen states if the students were introduced to different methods and forms such as oral history, written records, cultural similarities, linguistic changes, human genetics, pottery, archaeological dating, plant migrating they would be able to derive knowledge from the distant past also. (40-41)8. Loewen states keeping up with such evidence of the previous explorers is a lot of work and the textbook authors would have to familiarize themselves with sources, that it was much easier to just to tell the Columbus story. (41) The importance of mentioning the first explorers is because they actually found the land first.9. I agree It states people in Europe became more curious and was greedy for wealth.

Blackboard Assignment149310. I would say the poor teachings, omitting facts and making him out to be a hero when in fact he wasn’t the first to discover America, set out to find wealth and to die broke and unappreciated.11. The textbooks keep publishing similar versions because they don’t want to change what everyone has learned so far. I agree, plus they can always refer to Loewen’s work if they want the full truth.12. First, they kidnapped the American Indians and took them back to Spain. When they returned to Haiti they demanded food, gold. To punish them, they would cut off their ears or nose and send them back to the village. Finally, the Indians had enough and they began refusing to plant food, abandoned towns and they began to fight back.13.

The Spanish forced the slaves to mine gold, plant food and carry them. They got tired of the labor and sometimes chose suicide over being slaves.14. It affected European way of life by coming to America’s by becoming wealthier, inhabiting slaves and discovering new things.15. That textbooks should tell the whole story and not omit important details. Omitting crucial facts just so that person can be deemed a hero.16. I have learned that Christopher Columbus and his fleet experienced a lot of things and I feel sorry that he died penniless and unappreciated. I have learned that he just didn’t set out to see if the world was round, he set out to find wealth too. I agree with what the author wrote, words he put in perspective that textbooks left out.

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