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Total entertainment was given to us Mapuans last January 23.The show was generally non-stop on laughter. The performers were so funny that the Gymnasium was full of laughter until the end. All the viewers were cheering and laughing at the same time during and even after the show. The crowd even scream and wave their hands wildly to cheer for the performers when they attempt to kiss a spectator. All we did was to observed and enjoy the show.

The show was started by three comedians- Atak, Petite and Bigmouth who were also the host of the show. They started bringing the house down by telling outrageous jokes and singing songs. My block mates and I were laughing until our stomach aches when Atak was starting to call for the audience and did something on the stage that was so embarrassing but that is okay because Mapuans are good in letting the comedians in doing their act without hesitations. Petite is a really good singer he sang high-pitch songs perfectly and flawlessly. The best performers of the night were Bigmouth and Osang. Bigmouth is a drag queen comedian who is very famous because of his ability to sing songs with animal sounds. He can imitate the sound of a horse, snakes and even the sound of an eagle. He is one of the finalists of Pilipinas Got Talent. The crowd went wild when Bigmouth started to sing “Banal Na Aso Santong Kabayo” that emits odd animal sounds and this made him famous during his weird audition on Pilipinas Got Talent.

The comedians even made a skit wherein they are doing Mr. Pogi and another thing is they pick up audiences and if the player answer is wrong or did’nt answer the question they will kiss the player but it turned out that he kissed all the players.Each time he kisses a player; the crowd would stand up, throw a clenched fist in the air and scream to their heart’s content.The whole gym cheered and laughed altogether. After Big-mouth’s great act, the final and ending performer entered the stage. The last performer was Osang a new star from XFactor Philippines , he is the impersonator of Rosanna Roces but he looks like Jinky Pacquiao he rocked the stage when he performed the Drowning Pool’s “Let the Body Set The Floor” and his version of “Oppa Gangnam Style”.The annual Mapua Comedy Bar ended up a party party. All I could say is that the ticket was really worth it until the end. I enjoyed every part of the show from the jokes to the performances. I’ve never felt that much happiness in a long time now so that’s why I can tell that it was really worth the watch.

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