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Committee on the Reform of the Philippine Educational System Essay Sample

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Committee on the Reform of the Philippine Educational System Essay Sample

1. Schurman Commission
* also known as the First Philippine Commission
* established by the US President William Mckinley on Jan. 20, 1899
* headed by Dr. Jacob Schurman
* recommended for the free public elementary school

2. Taft Commission
* also known as the Second Philippine Commission
* headed by Howard Taft
* created the Act No. 74 which established the Department of Public Instruction in Jan.21, 1901 and established the Philippine Normal School which later became Philippine Normal University * brought the thomasites in the Philippines

3. Philippine Legislature
* approved the Act No. 1870, which created the University of the Philippines in 1908

4. Educational Survey Commission
* also known as the Monroe Survey in 1925
* headed by Paul Monroe
* recommended that the textbooks and materials need to be adopted in the Philippines life

5. Economic Survey Commission in 1927
* headed by Gilbert Perez of Bureau of Education
* recommended the establishment of the vocational education

6. Unesco Survey in 1948
* headed by Mary Trevelyn
* recommended the lengthening of education program from 10 years to 12 years

7. EDCOM Report in 1991
* also known as the Congressional Commission on Education * recommended the trifocalization of education system
* due to this report it gave birth to Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in 1994

8. Philippine Education Sector Survey of 1999
* recommended the creation of new State Universities and Colleges and the conversion/ upgrading of existing state colleges into universities

9. Presidential Commission on Education Reform (PCER) 2000 * created in 1998 by President Joseph E. Estrada to continue and build on the work of the 1991 Congressional Commission on Education. * Composition and Organization

* Secretary, Department of Education
* Chairman, Commission on Higher Education
* Chairman, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority * Presidential Assistant for Education
* Five (5) representatives from the private sector to be appointed/designated by the President. * recommended the establishment of the National Coordinating Council for Education (NCEE) * to harmonize goals and objectives for the entire education system and to dovetail them to national development plans; * to pursue and monitor implementation of the reforms proposed by the Presidential Commission on Educational Reform (PCER)

10. Presidential Task Force to Assess, Plan and Monitor the Entire Education System (PTFE) in 2008 * created by Executive Order No. 652 in 2007
* headed by Ateneo de Manila University president Rev. Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres, SJ. * recommended the 12-year pre-university program


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