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Common: Nonverbal Communication and Data Protection Act Essay Sample

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Common: Nonverbal Communication and Data Protection Act Essay Sample

You have to make a staff leaflet. This can be A4 size or folded A4 size. This is what you need to write:
U 7 1.1 The different reasons people communicate
* Express needs
* Share ideas and information
* To reassure
* Express feelings
* Build relationships
* Socialise
* Ask questions
* Share experiences

U7 3.1 The barriers to effective communication
* Background and culture
* Sensory impairment
* Dialect
* Use of jargon
* Language not appropriate
* Noise and poor lighting
* Attitudes
* Effects of alcohol/drugs
* Aggression
* Mental health problems
* Health conditions
* Lack of confidence
* Breakdown in relationships

U7 1.3 Why you should observe someone’s reactions / how people use and interpret communication methods.
* Verbal communication, pitch, tone and silence
* Non-verbal communication, body language, facial expressions, eye contact, gestures.
* Understand their emotional state
* When to know information has been understood
* When and how to adjust communication methods
* Recognising barriers to communication.

U7 1.2 How effective communication affects you work
* Communication with colleagues, parent/carers and children
* Support the development of effective relationships
* Helps to build trust
* Aids understanding of individuals’ needs
* Prevents misunderstandings
* Support the development of own knowledge and skills

U5 1.1 Why working in partnership with others is important
* Working in partnership. Parents/carers/colleagues
* Promoting inclusive practice
* Sharing common goals
* Identifying and meeting individual needs
* Providing support for children / families
* Improving outcomes – Early Years Foundation Stage

U5 1.3
The features of good partnership working should be a paragraph and include developing positive working relationships with colleagues and other adults understanding how own role and responsibilities relate to other colleagues and partners recognising different organisational roles

identifying key features of effective communication and the lines and methods of communication using appropriate interpersonal and collaborative skills
keeping colleagues informed
identifying organisation’s expectations and procedures for good working relationships promoting effective teamwork
respecting confidentiality in the exchange of information promptly addressing any problems or communication difficulties showing respect for colleagues (e.g. respecting the skills and expertise of other practitioners) valuing diversity and recognising the rights of others to have differing opinions or ideas sharing professional knowledge and expertise

developing common goals
role of the Lead Professional in taking responsibility for integrated working

U5 2.1 Why good communication is needed for partnership working again should be a paragraph and include effective communication (e.g. verbal, non-verbal, questioning & listening skills, body language, facial expression, gestures) effective sharing of information (e.g. clarifying meaning, avoiding misunderstandings, sharing of good practice, sharing of professional knowledge and expertise, encouraging contributions from others, early intervention

early identification and assessment of need
quick referral to appropriate service
co-ordination of services
meeting the individual needs of children and young people promoting efficiency and continuity of services
monitoring progress

U 7 4.1, 4.3, 4.4
4.1 Explain the term ‘confidentiality’
4.3 Describe situations where information normally considered to be confidential might need to be passed on. 4.4 Explalin how and when to seek advice about confidentiality. Please make sure that you include the following in your summary: personal information

sensitive information
meaning of confidentiality as contained in principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 need to share information when individuals are at risk of harm or where abuse is suspected whistleblowing

concept of ‘need to know’
referring to line manager and seeking consent
importance of following procedures
organisation’s policies and procedures for information sharing (e.g. confidentiality policy) own role and responsibility in information sharing
legal duties as required by relevant legislation (e.g. Safeguarding, Every Child Matters, Data Protection Act, EYFS) typical situations that may cause conflict (e.g. difference of opinions, parental wishes, isolation of worker, difficult relationship with partners, balancing the duty of care and individual rights and responsibilities, inaccurate information sharing, different professional working practices) protection of confidential information

safeguarding procedures
essential personal information about child needed to carry out own role to be kept confidential (e.g. health details, particular needs) information about a child at risk of harm can be passed on without permission to specific people who ‘need to know’ procedure in setting for sharing information about concerns enables early identification and action to be taken

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