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Introduction of TOPIC

Assessing for risky sexual behavior, alcohol use, and violence is an essential starting point. • It is important for nurses to ask adolescents direct questions about these issues. • Approaching sensitive subjects like sex and substance use with adolescents in a non-judgmental and open fashion can communicate to the adolescent that the nurse is a safe person with whom to talk. • Of course, confidentiality is a major issue to consider with adolescents. • First, nurses must educate parents about the risks their children face

5 Common Problems of Troubled Teens

The transition period from a person’s teenage years to adulthood can be a challenging time. A teenager may find himself or herself in the midst of difficult situations and faced with daunting decisions while growing up. While this challenging phase is almost completely unavoidable, parents and guardians can still help their children by being aware of the common problems that troubled youth deal with and, consequently, by offering their help and support.

Inability to weigh risks appropriately

The daredevil attitude is not just limited to troubled teenagers; in fact, it is quite common among teenagers and even preteens. Breaking rules, trying illegal drugs, drinking, and experimenting with sex are just a few of the risks that young people might be tempted to take. For some teenagers, risk-taking is a way to express themselves and, unfortunately, they can make poor decisions with little awareness or weighing of the risks involved. Regardless of

whether it’s the youth’s careless mindset or an act of rebellion, parents and guardians

should take it upon themselves to explain to their kids that there are consequences to their actions.

Substance addiction

A teenager’s addiction to substances like drugs, cigarettes and alcohol could be a sign that he or she is unable to cope with stress. This said, it is important that parents take time to ask and listen to their children to find out if they are going through some form of pressure or stress in their day-to-day activities. Additionally, parents must equip themselves by knowing the different signs and manifestations of youth drug abuse and addiction. This way, parents can deal with the problem in its early stage.


Depression affects young people just as it does adults. Depression can affect a teenager’s overall well-being and health. He or she might become reclusive, experience sleep problems or have a dramatic change in their eating habits. There are several causes of depression and parents should be well aware of their children’s mental and emotional health at all times so they can easily trace possible causes and address the effects in its early stage. Seeking professional help for an evaluation of your child is also an alternative.

Low self-image

Teenagers usually become very particular about their appearance in this stage of life. The obsession with how they look can sometimes be accompanied by a need to fit in and be accepted in their social circles. Unfortunately, some young people have trouble fitting in or become dissatisfied with how they look. As a result, they have low self-image and low self-esteem. Parents should provide a positive and encouraging environment for their children to help them build a healthy self-image. This way, their kids can have confidence in themselves regardless of what other people say.

Trouble finding ways to spend their time

Unsupervised kids with a lot of time in their hands can end up in troublesome and dangerous situations. Parents should be the first to teach their children how to spend their time productively. Being supportive of a healthy and constructive hobby could be a good start for parents who do not know what to expect from their children’s spare time.

Teenagers can progress through their growing-up phase without regrets and serious mistakes as long as parents are able to work hand in hand with them.

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