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In this presentation I will be creating a brief guide for Microsoft word. Microsoft word is one of the most popular software to use as it uses simple words to help new users . Also it has spell check and grammar check etc.


As you can see, Microsoft word underlines the word in red which has not been written correctly with the correct spelling. To fix this you highlight the word and right click, and click on the correct spelling which Microsoft word automatically knows.


When a word is underlines in blue, it means the wrong word has been used, like their, there or they’re. You can also correct this mistake by doing the same as when the sentence is underlined in red (previous slide).

Basic words – Thesaurus
Microsoft can come in handy when it comes to finding much more creative and advanced words. Like the word “Happy”. When you type the word Happy on Microsoft word, you can highlight the word, right click and then click “Look up” and on the side a list should show up. You can scroll down and then look at the thesaurus which will have better words like “exultant”.

Spelling checker Flags words in a document that may not be spelled correctly and may provide suggested replacements
Grammar/Style checker Verifies written text for grammatical correctness and detects stylistic problems
Thesaurus Lists synonyms and antonyms of words (if any are available)
Translation Dictionaries Allows you to translate single words or short phrases
AutoCorrect List Fixes typos and misspelled words and inserts symbols and other pieces of text

Hyphenator Automatically breaks words at the end of lines and adds hyphens to help justify text within a line
Contextual Speller Flags words that are spelled correctly but are not the correct words in the given context


Overall Microsoft word helps you with many things and is able to do many things. Spelling check is great for those who are not so great at spelling.

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