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In persuasive essay try to convince a reader to adopt your opinion or consider an idea from different angle. When writing a narrative essay, you should aim describe an idea in a story-telling manner. For expository essay you have to provide facts and arguments to fully investigate your idea.

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Improving Non-Verbal Communication

            The cliché which goes “Actions speak louder than words” is something any one of us has taken note of. There are just …

The Limousine Communications Device


Limousine drivers don’t have it easy in the city. The long lengths of their cars make maneuvering in tight corners nearly impossible. The size and nature …

Communication Strategy

Term 1: Messages and metamessages
What is happening?
Abel keeps bragging to his colleagues about how much he misses his mother is. During the parents meeting he does …

Microsoft Access 2007: A Manual Critique

People who are used to Microsoft Access 2003 may instantly notice that Microsoft Access 2007 does not have a “help” tab in the menu bar. Instead of the …

Journal on Interpersonal Communication

We engage in interpersonal communication to help us build a context of understanding. Interpersonal communications help us convey our interpersonal needs and help us understand others better. However, …

Intercultural Communication in the Workplace


Present day organizations are increasingly doing business in a global environment. Thus, the need for an effective and understandable intercultural communication has become vital in order …

Why Don’t We Listen Better?


The strength of our relationships with others depends on how we communicate with them. More often than not our messages get misinterpreted by different people in …

Impairement in Communication

Common grounds are crucial in minimizing communication impairment. It has a number of effects on the parties’ involved in the communication. However there is a need …

The Communication Process

The four stages of group development listed below can be useful for approaching group development, whether for a new or emerging group or for experienced groups. Each group …

Communication and Groups

The four stages of group development listed below can be useful for approaching group development, whether for a new or emerging group or for experienced groups. Each group …

Business Communication Skills

Effective business communication determines overall success of projects and company’s performance. For managers and supervisors, employees and team members, it is crucial to take into account requirements and …

Communicating Through the Generations in the Workplace

Introduction (l 15)

            The purpose of the field of organizational behavior is to study human behavior in an organizational setting (cited in Modaff, 2007, …

The Gutenberg Galaxy


The Gutenberg Galaxy has been instrumental in the organization and advancement of the society through the creation of mass communication.


As …

Graphic Aids in Communications

In the modern business world of intense competitiveness, business organizations have to constantly change their internal processes to build and maintain a competitive edge. However these …

Global Environment


            In this competitive environment, competing and managing on a global basis, it is always important that every organization must find out ways of …

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