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Communication and Fundamentals of Communication Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

What is communication?
* Communication is about transferring your thoughts into somebody else’s mind. It is a pattern of thoughts which is made into messages and is understandable to others. Those messages take many different forms from gestures and facial expressions to noises like laughing or spoken words. * Communication is the most complex skill and fundamentals of communication acts as the base of effective communication. * Communication can be categorized in two ways

1. Unconscious communication
2. Conscious communication
Ex. When a baby first cries we interpret that he feels hungry. This is called unconscious communication When the baby knows that when he cries he gets food and every time he cries for the food this called conscious communication Fundamentals of communication are the basic sets of communication skills which forms the base of more advanced communication skill like speech, lectures etc. Fundamental of communication is acquired from interaction with other and exposure to diverse environment

The key fundamentals of communication are as follows
1. Enjoy the companion of others. Learn and execute the sequence of activities with other person,
2. Correct use of vocals with meaning
3. Use and interpretation of non verbal communication
4. Emotional Attachments while communication especially physical
5. Proper listening and interpretation
6. Enjoy the companion of others . Learn and execute the sequence of activities with other person.
7. Here the guy who started the music pattern everybody listened to that and learned the pattern of music and reciprocated.

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