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Introduction of TOPIC

Program Decision :
* Situations in which specific procedures have been developed for repetitive and routine problems Nonprogramed Decision :
* Decision required for unique and complex management problems

A Relational Decision-Making Process :
* Establishing Specific Goals and Objectives and Measuring results
* Problem Identification and Definition
* Establishing Priorities
* Consideration of Causes
* Development of Alternative solutions
* Evaluation of Alternative Solutions
* Solution Selection
* Implementation
* Follow Up

A Relational Decision-Making Process :

Behavioral Influences on Decision Making :
* Values
* Propensity for Risk
* Potential for Distance
* Escalation of Commitment

The Importance of Communication :
* Communication is the glue that holds organizational together.
* Communication assists organizational member

The Communication Process :

Multicultural Communication :
* This Occur when two or more individuals from different cultures communicate with one another * In the international business environment, needing to communicate with members of other cultures is becoming common. In addition to obvious language problems, different cultural customs, values, and perspectives can serve to complicate effective communication. * A significant barrier is ethnocentrism , which is the tendency to consider the value of one’s own country superior to those of other countries Barriers to Effective communication :

* Frame of Reference
* Selective Listening
* Value Judgements
* Source Credibility
* Filtering
* in-Group Language
* Status Differences
* Time Pressure
* Communication Overload
Improving Communication in Organization:

Communication and Decision-Making in Apple Company
Apple’s management style, on one hand, is as simple as it comes: namely, that when it comes to making any final decisions the buck stops squarely at the desk of one man, and one man alone…. Steve Jobs.

AT Apple, one is the magic number.

One person is the Decider for final design choices. Not focus groups. Not data crunchers. Not committee consensus-builders. The decisions reflect the sensibility of just one person: Steven P. Jobs, the C.E.O.”

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