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This is a way with you can communicate with your colleagues, of what is service user needs or to pass an important information.


Writing a letter to your service user to let he or she knows that you will on you have discussed, but as this letter a just a quick remainder of the appointment.


This is to phone a service user that you are running late for your appointment. And can also use the phone to inform your colleagues that you won’t be coming to work or to report an abused on a service user.

None verbal:


The way which we sit can pass a message across. Sitting with arm straight on your legs shows that can mean ‘means I am taking notice of everything your saying and I am really enjoying the conversation.


Gesture: gesture is hand and arm movements, which can be used to understand what a person is saying or means. E.g. using your hand to respond to something, like yes.


The eyes another means of passing a message and its most important part of the body when sending a message. You can see through the eyes if someone is being honest and when someone is in wants of something. The also tell you emotionally you feel about a person or how sad you feel something.

Communication in health and social care Linda Banjo

Interference noise: interference noise in communication is also noise, Any type of noise that interferes in a message sent can cause a communication error, because this will make the receiver not to be able to understand the message that has been sent.

Health issues: when one is feeling sick, it will not be able for one to communicate as effectively as when one is feeling well. This can affect your colleagues and also service user. Similarly, people who are also being cared for in the hospital because of their illness may not be able to communicate in a normal way.

Environmental difficulties and health problem some condition, depression and stock for example, it may affect ain individual ability to send and receive massages, very effectively. Injuries and illness can cause a person to withdraw from communication situation. Similarly, when a person is upset, aggressive they will find it so hard to communicate; and their own communication will be misinterpreted or misunderstood by other people.

Dialect: people that speak English using a regional dialect (liverpudlian) pronounce words in a different ways. They may also use some words that are specific to the local area. A person, like a child or adult who is not from that care may not understand the local dialect.

Developmental: A person developmental stage could limit a a person to communicate and can cause a barrier to effective communication if you don’t take that into consideration when choosing your words or with the way you’re talking to them. So when talking to a service user don’t use a long sentence, complex words s or unusual phrases.

Tone of voice: if speaking to a service user, you have to speak in a clear way that the service user can understand and understand what we are saying.

Personality and emotion: people with Dementia have trouble finding the words that they want to use or they may be unable to remember things is when they may experience a very pronounced personality and emotional changes. They will not be able to express their feelings in a properly way. Example; they become frustrated, angry, helpless and even insecure of them self.

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