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Introduction of TOPIC

Communication is an important part of everyday life whether its verbal, written or non verbal for example body language, facial expressions and sign language. Communication is the exchange of messages or meanings. It uses all the senses, although we often focus on language and speech because they convey the most complex meanings. Effective communication is essential in building positive relationships with children, young people and adults. Children observe how adults interact and communicate with each other and this influences how they communicate and behave. If a child hears an adult making negative comments they will see this as acceptable behaviour and imitate that said behaviour, so it is important that we model effective communication skills. This means checking what we are saying, think before we say it as we can easily say the wrong thing or something can be misinterpreted. To communicate effectively we must also be able to listen, not listening to each other causes a breakdown in communication which in turn can cause a breakdo

wn in relationships. In order to learn effectively children need to feel safe and secure, they

also need to feel relaxed and confident and to be in the presence of someone that they feel they have a good relationship with and trust. This will create a positive atmosphere for learning in. It is important that adults talk to children and really listen to them. For children to communicate effectively they need to have mastered good language skills, this comes with learning and talking is the key in supporting and extending their thinking and advancing their learning and understanding. It is through these interactions that children and adults can develop positive relationships that help children to learn about you, themselves and the world around them.
As with children, young people also learn effectively in the presence of adults who they feel that they have a good and trusting relationship with. Young people need to feel valued and accepted as an individual member of society that they are. They need to feel that their values and opinions count and that they are being listened to and understood. Communicating effectively with young people is important for developing their communication skills further; this will help their confidence grow as they progress through their education and in to adulthood.
As with children and young people, effective communication plays a vital part in developing positive relationships with adults. Communication enables us to share and gain information about each other which creates the basis to forming a relationship. Developing and promoting positive relationships with adults is an essential part for team building amongst colleagues within the school and also with parents, this will help to maintain a positive learning environment that benefits pupils, staff and parents.

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