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The Communication Plan above demonstrates the communication types that will be used to satisfy the stakeholder’s needs as identified in the Stakeholder Analysis. Review the following stakeholder’s communication method plans and explanations for those plans. Rory Genhardt, CEO of GenRays, is the project sponsor for this project. He commands the highest level of communication on the project because of his high level of influence and high level of interest in seeing the project succeed. He will get weekly status reports, attend Formal meetings and share in the other project communications to stakeholders. The next group is the Senior Leadership of GenRays. These individuals are right below the project sponsor in terms of communication. This group includes Brian Jenkins, Crystal Marshall, Connie Barnett and Ashley Burrici. These individuals all fall in the manage closely section of our matrix. These individuals will all be communicated with through formal meetings, monthly reports and will have access to the SharePoint website with the ability to read documentation and review the project’s status.

This group will also be on a mailing list for when the Senior Leadership group needs to be addressed as a whole. Each Senior Leadership group member has a different interest in seeing the project succeed. The HRIS project will address each of the needs these users has expressed as documented in the Stakeholder Analysis. Communications for these stakeholders will include monthly status reports, formal meetings when needed, access to the SharePoint site for quick project reference and The Plant Managers are listed as the Business Units. Those individuals are Rylee and Tyler.

They have a high level of power but have lower interest in the project than the previous stakeholders. We need to keep these stakeholders satisfied. They have interests in there recruiting and position control capabilities of the project. They will get read-only access to the SharePoint site and monthly status reports that will update them on the progress of all activities. The project team itself will handle most of the day-to-day communications with formal meetings and emails. Constant communication among the project team members is needed to ensure the success of this project. Weekly status reports will be provided to the project manager from the functional

managers. Those reports will be used to determine what information needs to be shared with each group of stakeholders. Vendors will be communicated with throughout the project. They have an interest in helping the project succeed. If we have a good experience with them then we will continue to purchase their goods and services. They will be communicated with mostly by mailing list. Formal meetings would also be possible. GenRays will share only need to know information with the Vendors if not directly related with the goods or services being purchased or used. GenRays employees are the last group of stakeholders to be addressed. It is important that we keep them informed. They will get project updates through the company newsletter each quarter. GenRays employees will learn when training will begin for the new features and when the new employee features will be ready and available for use in production.

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