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The title should be clear and unambiguous (do not make it “cute”). The words you use in your title should clearly reflect the focus of your proposal. The most important words should come first, then the less important words. Try to remove words from your title that really are not necessary for understanding. Try and use only a single sentence for your title. If the sentence is getting too long try removing some words. When all else fails try using a two part title with the parts separated by a colon (use only as a last resort!). Do not attempt to use the title as an abstract of your entire proposal.

Proponents refer to the people who put forward a proposition or proposal When writing the proponents in your proposal, please indicate the names of the members of the group, your course, your school and its location. Include specific information on the population or clientele that your project is focused on. Example:

There are two different clientele groups for this project:
The first, and primary, clientele are the mothers of young children who live in Barangay Ganda. This clientele group is represented in the project objectives for Goal #1. The second clientele group are the BS Computer Science students of AMACC Cagayan de Oro who will participate in the project as volunteers. These students are the following:

1. Jastine Earl Sabidor
2. Evan Joyce Cayetuna
3. Nicole Rapatan
4. Hazel Laparap
5. Diane Bautista
6. Carlo Adalid
7. Mie Amor Porferio
8. Keith Jasper Durana
9. Kevin Roa
10. Richard John Paculanan
11. Alnor Umpa
12. Jalaloding Umpa

The above clientele group is represented in the project objectives for Goal #2. Both clientele groups are important and essential components of this project. It is expected that significant learning will take place for both clientele groups.

Project Objectives should be SMART:
Project objectives are the specific objectives for which the project works to achieve them within a stipulated time. They should be specific: the more specific it is the better to design activities, indicators and the analysis.

Think about what success means for your project and how you would show that success Refer to the results you expect from the project
Describe the focus population and the desired change among the population Include the location and time period for each objective
Reflect the intended changes in systemic conditions or behaviors that must be achieved to accomplish the goal/strategic objective Objectives should have measurable indicators which show what, when, and how conditions, behaviors, and practices will change Objectives must be verifiable at some point during the execution of the project Some Relevant Words to be used while writing Objectives

HMHK aims:
Objective #1- To provide mothers in Barangay Ganda with relevant information regarding health and nutrition Objective #2 – To assist mothers in Barangay Ganda in learning how to effectively apply health and nutrition information in helping their young children to be more healthy. Objective #3 – To teach mothers in Barangay Ganda how to evaluate changes in the health of their young children. Example:

HMHK aims:
Objective #1 – To recruit a group of undergraduate students (15-20 students each semester) at AMA Computer University to become volunteers in the “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids(HMHK) Project” . Objective #2 – To provide a 4 week training program for the volunteers that covers a) basic nutritional information for mothers and b) information on adult teaching methods. Objective #3 – To place the students in the “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids(HMHK) Project” to offer tutoring services to local mothers. Objective #4 – To compare the type and degree of volunteer learning that takes place in the “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids(HMHK)” as compared to volunteer involvement in Barangay Ganda.

Project Overview
Project Overview
Briefly explain the rationale of the project, the need of the project to be implemented, the efforts that have been undertaken so far and the value-added that the project is expected to bring. A brief introduction to the current social and economic situation related to the geographic region and beneficiaries of the project. The background should also describe the problem or critical issue which the proposal seeks to resolve and how intended beneficiaries will be involved in project identification and planning. Think of the Project Overview as an Executive Summary (the busy executive probably only has enough time to read your Overview – not the entire proposal). Be specific and concise. Do not go into detail on aspects of your proposal that are further clarified at a later point in your proposal. Example:

A community-based mothers and infants center called “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids(HMHK)” . HMHK will focus on providing nutritional education and counseling for mothers, especially those from the extremely low income areas. It is expected that through the providing of information to the mothers that it will be possible to have a direct and positive effect on the well being of the young children of the community. “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids(HMHK)” will utilize volunteers who are students at AMA Computer University. Each student will be expected to successfully participate in a 4 week training program at the beginning of their work with “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids(HMHK)”. This training program will provide basic nutritional information for mothers and information on adult teaching methods.

Student volunteers who demonstrate proficiency during the initial training program will be invited to participate in an advanced training program to learn effective nutritional counseling techniques. Each student volunteer will be expected to contribute 3-5 hours each week and to continue with “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids(HMHK)” for a period of not less than 6 months. “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids(HMHK)” will operate with 6 full and part time staff members. In addition, a Governing Board made up of community leaders and university staff will operate to provide overall sanctioning of the Center’s operation. Periodic evaluations will be conducted to assess the value of “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids(HMHK)” on a) helping the student volunteers to become effective educators, b) the development of new understandings on the part of local mothers and c) the improvement of the well being of children in Barangay Ganda.

Importance of the Project
This section describes how the community are expected to benefit from the project, both directly and indirectly. It should also discuss the participation of the community in project design, and their expected role in project implementation and evaluation of the project.

Community Profile
The community profile is a summary of the history and present conditions of a community. It provides a detailed demographic, economic and cultural information of the community. It gives an overview or series of snapshots of the area and is used as a basis for identifying its potentials.

The Community Profile shall include:
1. Narrative text – it describes community characteristics, such as population demographics, economic and social history of the communities, the importance of various facilities. Example:
Barangay Ganda is a district of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. The locale existed before the arrival of the Spanish, referred to as “Gandala”. One of the most densely populated areas of land in the the Philippines. Barangay Ganda is in the southwest portion of the province and is primarily residential-industrial in nature. It is known for being one of the poorest and most underdeveloped districts of the country. Many of the city’s slums are found in this area. 2. Tables or graphics that summarize important data or conclusions, such as population demographics or employment trends. Example:

Number of Children of Selected Families in Barangay Ganda
Of the 705 mothers interviewed, many have medium sized families. Slightly less than half (45.1 percent) have between 1 to 3 children. One third (34.9 percent) have between 4 to 6 children. 13 percent have between 7 to 9 children. 34 respondents did not indicate the number of children they have.

3. A visual map or maps that depict physical characteristics, such as neighborhood boundaries, land uses, public facilities, and commercial centers. Examples:

List all the materials needed in the implementation of the project. Use a table or graph in illustrating the materials used in your project.

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