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In this writing one will view the issues of community policing, problem-solving policing, the federal governments integration into community policing. Communities across America face an epidemic that is far beyond illness and close to home. There are many questions that come to one’s mind when an ordinary citizen is working with the police to help control their community. Crime is unable to become extinct but may become well tamed, and the United States always has had issues that have yet diminished. Take a look and ask yourself have or are you making a difference in your community. Community policing has been around since the beginning of policing and in most areas has improved while making a great affect. The mission of all community policing programs is to completely involve both the police and community with many separate objectives. Many of these objectives have been built to create community relations and to promote crime awareness.

The vision of both the community and the police department is to create safer environments for an increase of human life. Along with creating and implementing these programs in communities reductions in crime rates vary. Depending on statistical data all communities have different needs in which determines how and when these programs will become effective. Some community policing programs involve elderly citizens as others target other age groups. Community policing has been established mainly in part for trust in the police. One of the main issues that communities face is that they are not able to go to the police and report crime because of retaliation or with the fear that the police are the enemy. Foot and bike patrol play an integral part within the New York State University Police Department.

Problem-solving policing involves many tools and researching techniques that will allow law enforcement agencies to deal with crime. Many police departments have started to use this tactic that is a wonderful way of dealing with issues within the community. This program in many cities is implemented for the study of a community and produce questions. Many of the questions in regard to the community involve amount of violence, what violence, which problems are constant, etc. Police departments and the community need to first identify the residual crimes that continue to happen on a regular basis. Then after identifying criminal activities all parties involved have to create solutions to the problems at hand. After deliberation, action plans must be placed on paper listing just how the all of the agencies and the community will minimize the crime or place a stop to it. Implementing the new action plan may be tough but, when all parties take control and act together the workings could create great results. Many different types of programs may work in diverse areas of the United States that promote community involvement to prevent crime. We have to take a look at the fact that not all communities face the same crime entirely. Some communities are affected by gang activity as other communities in the country are adversely affected by drug activity. Personally, I believe in two effective types of policing and that is community policing and problem-solving policing.

The community is the only one who knows what their neighborhoods are being affected by because they live in the area and possibly see many different criminal acts taking place at all times. In contrast, I believe that the ultimate most productive and effective type of policing is problem-solving policing. (Peak, 2010) Police departments and other agencies usually assess many issues involving crime but I believe that the integration of police, the community and other agencies is the best route to take when fighting crime. With having all of these relationships I feel that together this type of policing is more effective when all entities take notice of problems within the community and create a plan for corrective action. With these parties working together they can implement new innovative ways of combating crime and catching these few groups in the act as well as place them where they need to be.

In conclusion, local communities, towns, cities, states and the federal government have all tried to ban together to combat crime and promote awareness to all age groups. In order to fight crime and become effective police departments across America need the community and its citizens as a whole to get involved and work together to make their streets safer. Many different programs have been created and directed to help create safer environments for all citizens as well as create a better way of life. Community policing, problem-solving policing and the assistance from the federal government may all be what the country needs to create safer boundaries for our children and other age groups. The federal government has immensely been a major assistant to the production and implementation of stronger relationships in this genre. Without the assistance of its citizens, America would not be a better place to live if the police were working on their own. We all can make a difference in our immediate area if we ban together and say “No” to crime. With all of the programs in place we have the ability to choose who to go to if we need assistance with crime.


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