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Introduction of TOPIC

Success is achieved by making smart decisions in life. Graduating high school is when your life really starts to begin. Your first really hard decision is where you decide to attend college. Many people seem to think that attending a four year university is the best option to become successful in life. All of these people seem to overlook the many benefits of attending a two year university. Community colleges can sometimes offer a number of benefits that are not offered at a four year college.

First, community college is cheaper. You can save so much money by attending a two college. Your first two years of college will be full of classes that are required anyway, so why bother paying thousands of dollars to take the same class at a two year college. People seem to thik that when they attend a four year college, they will have better professors and learn more. However, my own professor Dr. Dolgin teaches both at a two year and four year college. which means that I am getting the same education as someone who attends a four year college and paying half the price. I don’t understand why others do not see this happening. Instead they are emptying their pockets. Registering for my first classes at Schoolcraft i have seen first hand that my classes are much cheaper. Instead of my tuition being ten thousand dollars a year my tuition will end up costing me about two thousand. This will allow me to stay away from student loans and stay out of debt. A lot of college students are attending four year universities and their debt is growing and growing. Had they gone to a two year college, maybe they could afford to pay for school.

Second, two year colleges are much more convenient. Going to school at schoolcraft is just so easy; for lack of a better word. Showing up everyday is somewhat refreshing because I can always find a parking spot, I don’t have to rush all around campus to get to class, and i can get much more personal help form my professors. Driving from my house to Schoolcraft is so convenient, it is abouta fifteen minute drive without a lot of traffic. There is also a ton of parking which makes everyone happy. Also, walking around campus is very simple, everything is easy to find and if your classes are ten minutes apart you don’t have to worry about being late because it such a short walk.

Friends of mine who attend four year colleges, have to be creative when trying get across campus for their next class. I have heard of people taking buses, riding their bikes

, or running across campus to get to class. Why someone would want to go through that much is beyond

me. Something that is great about a two year college is that your class size is much smaller than a four year college. This is beneficial to everyone because you can get more hands on help from your professors and pick their brain. My Business 101 professor is great at answering every question I have and I know that she is always willing to help. At a four year college it is not easy to get the professor to actually remember your name. With a class size that is very large, you become just another student.

Last, community colleges offer the practical education that most students want. Like I said before it is pointless to pay extra for the same class. Professors at a four year college are no better than any two year college profesor. The only downside to community college is that they only offer an associates degree. However, many people don’t seem to recognize that you can take that associates degree and transfer to a four year university to earn another degree. Attending a four year colelge to earn all your degrees will only cost you more money and if you’re getting the same classes with no hands on help from your professor, and paying twice the money, why bother?

At many four year universities the cost of attending is much greater than a community college. At the University of Michigan the annual tuition would be abot twenty seven thousand dollars, and at Schoolcraft that average tuition is about two thousand dollars. This is absoultely crazy to me. Obviously, Schoolcraft is not as prestigous and well known as the University of Michigan, but to pay that kind of money is just mind blowing to me. Espicially in todays society where success is not a gurantee, no matter where you go to college. You may as well go to a two year college and save some money, you might need it later in the future.

Attending a four year college means you have to deal with so much inconvenience. There is just a laundry lsit of problems. For example, the roomate situation. I cannot tell you how many people I know who come home from college and say they hate their roomate. I completely understnad why, Because I am somewhat of a neat freak and if i had to deal tih some messy, smelly, dirty person I might just want to dropout of college. Next, would be the food issue. College students are notorious for eating ramen noodles, Mac & cheese, and what ever else they can afford. Why would anyone want to put themselves through that. I am a man who needs to eat a good meal everyday. Lastly, the pressure is much greater at a four year college because you control your own destiny. At home I have my parents nagging me all the time about doing my homework; but without them nagging me the homework would never get done. This is the biggest issue with college students today, the partying and freedom will get the best of you.

The student at a four year college will struggle in in class because they are not getting the help that they need. The class sizes are so large that you will not be noticed by the professor. If you need help chances are you are not going to get it from your professor. Four year colleges do not care if you fail a class, because that means you have to pay them again to take the same class again. At a two college, the professors are glad to help when you need it. They want to see you pass a class, and become successful in school. The professors are not better than any other professor at a two year college.

Overall, attending a two year college will be very benficial. They have many benefits that are unknown at a four year college. You will save money, get the same education, and have the convenience you want in college. The colleges do not care if you succeed in school which means you have to do whats best for you. The best decision i have made was attending a two year college. `

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