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Company Kodak Essay Sample

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Company Kodak Essay Sample

The company Kodak received its name from Eastman and his mother, Eastman’s favorite letter was K he stated that it seemed strong to him. Eastman wanted his company name to be short, easy to remember, easy to say, and he wanted to make sure it wasn’t associated with any other business out there. There have also been suggestions that Kodak was originated by David Houston a photographic inventor, who had already begun patenting his inventions in the early 1880s. Kodak was founded in 1888 by George Eastman, It started out selling inexpensive cameras, film, chemicals and paper. 1888 Eastman invented rolled photography film. Eastman also came up with an advertising slogan “you press the button, we do the rest” in 1888 Eastman had announced the invention of the photographic film in rolls, and that was the start of his business. He also put his first camera on the market.

The First camera was loaded with enough film for at least 100 exposures; it was also portable and can fit in someone’s hands comfortably. Kodak faced its first law suit in 1976 with a company named Polaroid Corporation. Polaroid stated that it had the right to instant film and stopped Kodak in its tracks. Fujifilm had a completely different start up, Fujifilm started as Fuji Photo Film Co Ltd and a government plan to establish a domestic film industry in Jan 1934. In Feb of 1934 it also inherited Dainippon Celluloid Company Limited. The company started to produce it own film, print paper, dry plates and other photo materials. Over a period of a decade the company also produced motion picture films and x-ray films. When WW2 was over Fuji began penetrating the medical field with the x-ray diagnosis, printing, electronic imaging and magnetic materials fields. Fuji also joined forces with Xerox.

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