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There are two completely different ways to write about an argument. One is to state relevant and interesting details but also be sure to include personal comments and opinions. Another way is to list fact after fact in relation to the topic in order to cut straight to the point. In the first article, “Don’t lengthen the school day – all work and no play harms students” (Tim Hands), and the second “School days should be longer to help poorer students, suggest Mps” (Press Association), both of these different writing approaches are used. Although both of these articles provide supporting facts to the subject, “Don’t lengthen the school day – all work and no play harms students” has a stronger technique of getting its point across by including personal opinions.

Even though the articles are discussing the same issue and even have the same argument, they contain a different approach. In the first article, Tim Hands uses an informal writing style when he relates the topic to his “firm views” with “a lot of family experience behind them.” Hands also has an honest tone in order to make a connection with the reader. However, in the second article, Press Association has an apathetic tone, shown when they cite textual evidence from a separate source that discusses the “gap in results between the poor and the rich” and how it has “hardly changed.” They also use an abundance of direct facts and statistics to support the main topic.

The articles’ purposes are to discuss the subject and express a valid opinion about the topic they are writing about. By doing so, the authors will be able to influence people to become interested in their opinion. In the first article, Hands states his opinion by including how his father believed that “schools exist to serve their communities” and also that he agrees with him. Therefore, he is providing his opinion clearly to the reader by also providing interesting, personal information. In the second article, Press Association quotes a statement from a different source that says schools can make a “dramatic difference to disadvantaged children.” This quote, however, isn’t supported with any personal opinion from the author which makes reading it less interesting.

Each of these articles have certain qualities that are both strong and weak. Their strengths and weaknesses have to create the overall presentation of the article. In Hands’ article, he includes moral claims and strong diction to encapsulate the article’s message. An example of this is when he proclaims his opinion about keeping “young brains fresh” and his idea to “give them other things to do.” This writing style is beneficial with its ability to catch the reader’s interest. In Press Association’s article, they include many statistical facts to maintain the subject. An example of this is when they quote a statistic that expresses the fact that just under one-third of poor, white British children “got at least five ‘C’ grades last year.” The lack of an author’s voice in this quote creates less interest for the reader to have while reading.

When comparing the similarities and differences between two articles with a shared topic, the writing style or tone is what reveals them. Although both of the articles provide supporting facts to the topic, “Don’t lengthen the school day – all work and no play harms students” incorporates a clearer point. Each article provides helpful information to understand the subject, but Hands’ article includes an even balance of personal opinions and educational facts, and receives more of a readers’ interest due to it.

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