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I have two different jobs and ultimately I need to choose one by the end of the month. One is at a Private school, at Amaranto and my boss’ name is Paola. The other one is at a public school and my boss ‘name is Carlos. Although, I like my two jobs, it is difficult to choose one. It was only after I analyzed the similarities and differences between the two of my bosses that I finally came to my decision to stay with Mrs. Paola.

At first glance both of the schools are near my area. Although one is private and the other one is public, they have a lot in common; the payment is about the same at both schools, and I work exactly the same amount of time. Besides, the children and staff are very nice to me in both schools. My bosses are quite different, so that is my primarily issue to discuss. It was when I looked at the differences between my two bosses that I made my final decision.

In terms of trust I can say that Mrs. Paola has always trusted me. I believe she generally lets me do my work, but that she is available to help me whenever is needed. As a result, I tend to feel happier, more at ease, and more likely to be productive in my own environment. Unlike Mrs. Paola, Mr. Carlos is distrustful and picky, he never lets me be in my own thing, and he is always disrupting my class asking for things, making me feel observed and uncomfortable. However, I realized that these should not be the most important factors in my decision. I had to pay a lot of attention to the financial component.

Although the payment is the same on both schools, Mrs. Paola offered me a bonus for my good performance in class, whereas Mr. Carlos couldn’t give me a bonus aid. On the other hand, you can tell a difference in their attitudes; Mrs. Paola loves her job and goes above and beyond to succeed in her school, while Mr. Carlos has a bad attitude and shows no interest in wanting to succeed at his job. In conclusion, after taking everything in consideration, I think I made the right decision. Since trust, financial support, and attitude are all very important to me, I will probably be happier with Mrs. Paola.

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