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Compare And Contrast The Bible And The Koran’s Message Delivery Essay Sample

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Compare And Contrast The Bible And The Koran’s Message Delivery Essay Sample

The Bible and the Koran are the main sacred texts which reflect both religious and literary traditions of two civilizations. In the message of the Bible, the traditions find their ultimate origin and justification; and it is through the traditions that the message of the Bible is carried to the further generations. The Koran speaks, in more than one of its verses, about the order of the universe, the laws of nature, the celestial bodies, and other subjects that could not be understood at the beginning of Islam, except through divine revelation. Thesis The Bible formulates doctrine and guides behavior of followers while the Koran imposes its rules and moral obligations on believers.

The main difference between the Bible and Koran is the manner in which they deliver their messages to followers. The Bible is often seen as a collection of stories based on didactic and instructive meaning interpreted by the reader. The Church’s teaching and belief as they are being lived unfold the meaning of the Bible in the hearts of the faithful. Therefore, preaching has a sacramental quality in the broader sense of the word. The Bible is not so much history, literature, or theology in the abstract, as it is the book of the Church interpreted by clergy and followers. In the Bible, there are no strict rules of behavior or social actions. Most of the stories are based on philosophical ideas of universal goodness and morality, virtues and sins. The Bible instructs people through personal experience of the characters depicted in the stories (the Story of Creation and the Flood), and leaves it to readers to decide the meaning and importance of human actions (The Primeval History).

In contrast, the Koran represents a set of strict moral rules which determine and guide behavior of the followers. It clearly stipulates good and wrong behavior patterns, goodness and sins, virtue and misdeeds. The Koran is not open to loose interpretation and explanation. The Koran is judicious in disclosing many matters concerning human virtues and obedience. For centuries, it disclosed them when it was appropriate to do that, and alluded to them when that was more commendable. The reason is that some of these matters were hard to accept for the minds of the people of that time; therefore, it was prudent that they should be alluded to in a way which would become clear for the people of future ages, when science would have progressed and discoveries would have proliferated.

The story of Noah and the flood is presented in each of the book, but it has a different structure and meaning. In Koran, the verses include information about very specific incidents, but the moral lesson to be drawn from the incidents can be generally applied once they have been interpreted. In contrast, the Bible describes the flood and its causes but does not say directly about the moral side of these issues. In the Koran, Noah’s Ark is presented through several methods. The specific event is spoken of in general terms and the general application of the principles which underlie the verse is emphasized. In the Bible, the story of the flood is open to interpretation by the readers describing only causes, events and their consequences for people. It dos not instruct readers how to behave or act: “And God said, this is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations” (The Bible, Genesis 9:12). This meaning is to be deduced from that story itself. In the Bible, moral message is hidden while in the Koran it is apparent to readers. In both texts, there is some historical information which can be extracted from them with very little or no significant application beyond that event (Haddad 1982).

In sum, the Bible is a food for thoughts while the Koran is a set of rules and instructions. And if the Christian soul lives by faith, this faith is nurtured by the experience of Christian love. In light of modern views of history, the traditions thus identified do not constitute a sufficient and comprehensive tool for the establishment of doctrine. Despite differences in message delivery, both texts find their ultimate origin and justification in unique interpretation of events and morals, virtues and goodness.


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