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Compare Contrast Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Compare and contrast essays are effective in all areas for my life. Comparing two items that are similar can be positive, however contrasting these items may not be the best way to write about them. Comparing two items that are very different would not be the best way to write about them. Comparing thru contrast would be a much better essay. The idea of writing any essay is to interest the reader to the point where they do not want to stop reading the paper. It is important to capture the reader’s attention, and to keep their interest until the end

of the story, or essay. Comparing two ideas that are similar and comparing their similarities could

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be detailed on how you could change something about the subjects to be able to show their differences. Letting the reader make their own conclusions after giving them the information will help to get the reader involved.

subjects. The situations in which these are most effective are professional reflections. Professional comparisons are usually backed by professional primary sources. Those are primary sources can give factual information about both viewpoints in the essay. Personal reflections in a compare and contrast essay is slightly more ineffective as usually personal emotions can get in the way of being objective. If you take one side of a two viewpoint subject, you would find the essay favor the side you have taken. Professional compare and contrast essays are coming from multiple viewpoints. These viewpoints are factual based and usually have a logical conclusion. This is the primary difference when using a compare and contrast essay. Much like a diagram or graph, a compare and contrast essay shows measurable results to the reader. Thus allowing them to come to their own conclusion.

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