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Comparing Newspaper Texts Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

“Its wrong to give the under 12’s homework” is the strong statement used as a title in text A. It is used as a metaphor to tap into our morals and set us immediatly into the train of thought of the article. Text B, on the other hand has a title of no great imagery effects, it mearly tells us that “Blunkett sets targets for daily homework”, plain and simple, as if it was an obvious plus factor and needs no backing up.

Text A is a tabloid, and so would naturally contain converse anithesis to that of the broadsheet; text B. The first paragraphs are of the deepest contrast too, in terms of view and expression. The tabloid A states the idea of compulsory homework for under twelves is “condemned in a report by education experts out today.” Immediatly we pick up the word “experts” and reference is made to a professional opinion. Its goes on to try to convince us that “Homework is not always a good thing” by including it in the same sentence as “20 minutes study a night for five-year-olds”. Somehow it doesn’t stike us as being fair but actually quite wrong, although no hard evidence is stated at this point.

Text B starts with language used to convince us that homework is for the reason of “raising the standards in the three Rs” and calls it a crusade; ____ to a movement of some sort. The next few lines go on to illustrate how we should learn from the time spent “crmming” in independant schools, implying the system used in state schools is unsufficient.

This is not the only reference to independant schools, in fact there are at least 4 mentions of it. Some migh

t think the writer was snobby, feeling those who buy their education have automatically got the best

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way of doing it. But in the whole article only 3 paragraphs are not quotes of Mr Blunkett so any blame can go directly to him. This offers the reader a wider freeedom of opinion as they can take what analasis they want of his words and choose whether or not they want to agree with his views.

The tabloid has no direct references to Mr Blunkett, but only a spokesman for him. It doesn’t have as many quote, and the ones that it does have are not the strongest of evidence. Dr Cowan staes that “Too much work can cause mental fatigue for youngsters” which again uses language to arrouse our sympathy for the children. (note the pet-word youngsters)

One arguement fron text A is that those from poorer homes don’t have the conditions to do homework. This is another announcement by Dr Cowen. The paper failed to mention the grant of �200 million for after school clubs used especially for the homework of poorer children in the country.

The only real fact in the article of text A was that in 1935 school inspectors urged a ban on homeworks for the reason that it made then too tired for lessons. This evidence does not strike out at us in any real way because of the illogic of it. All children have boundless mental energy, and 20 minutes at the age of five would certainly not tire the child out in any harmful way.

The British Phychological Socitiey give evidence that “teachers can find homework too time consuming” and can be “poorly thought out.” I do not know what they are trying to say here. It could be that the teachers are to blame, and that they need to think about planning homework and make it work for the children. Or they could be saying that the homework is not done properly by the children because they have not had enough time to get it explained for them.

The Incorporated Association of Prep Schools are said to have praised the governments intentions about homework according to text B but they said homework was more about “quality not quantity”.

The general secretary of the National Association of Schoolmasters said “homework is an important part of the learning process but how much and when should be a metter of professional judgement.” The journalist for this article put these particular quotes in to back up Mr Blunkett. He looks like he cas covered all the “buts” in the speeches and so looks like he has got it all sussed.

The last paragraph is put in to up his appearance even more, as he is refered to as “not a miserable man” but wanting children to enjoy homework for all the best reasons.

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