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Comparing Six Different Documents Essay Sample

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Comparing Six Different Documents Essay Sample

1.0 Terms of reference

This report is based on comparing six different documents. I have to compare 2 documents from 3 different companies. I chose to compare 3 prospectuses and 3 application forms. All information was collected last year when I was looking for a collage to go to. I will be looking at different parts of the documents from how many pages they have and how they appeal to people looking for a collage to go to. I will also be writing about how well the documents do there job.

2.0 Procedures

To gather my six documents I had to either travel to get them or order them from the internet.

3.0 Findings

I found by looking at each prospectus there were similar elements between them and also that they were similar to one another. I saw all that all prospectuses have had information on courses. I noticed that all the application forms were laid out the same they all used boxes all application forms use boxes because it makes the forms look better.

3.1 Prospectus Spelthorne collage

The first document I collected was a prospectus from Spelthorne collage I got the prospectus by ordering it on-line from www.spelthorne.ac.uk but it can also be picked up from Spelthorne collage in Ashford.

3.1.1 Description

The Spelthorne prospectus is around 2/3rds the size of an A4 piece of paper and has boarder on the front page it also has writing going on top of many pictures the writing is going diagonal. On the cover it also give the viewer the effect of looking at a website it has a list of courses and mouse over hand clicking on a subject, because the prospectus is only 2/3rds of an A4 sheet of paper when opened it feels extra long. A special type of paper is used on the cover. This prospectus has to be one of the smallest I have seen. Layout

The layout of nearly every page in this prospectus is the same it has a few pictures at the top of the page of at the bottom some pictures and text wrapped around them every page has a heading at the top (e.g. courses then it writes what course it is)

Also on every page there is a boarder on the left the boarder is greater then any were else on the page this is because information is written here like a contents. Every other page has the Spelthorne website at the bottom in the boarder and also it has a mouse over saying “Adult education courses see page 28 for full listing”. Every page also has a purple line going through the top of it and a full circle going through the large boarder on the left hand side. The layout of the courses is very good they have a big heading in the boarder with a content page. Colour

By looking at this prospectus you can see that the main colour of it is purple but the front cover also has many different font colours these vary from white, orange, blue, red and yellow. The main colour that caught my eye when looking at this prospectus was the orange this was because it was brighter than any other colour on the page and stood out the most another colour I thought looked very well on the front cover was the whitish purple that was in the page boarder. When opening the prospectus you can still see that the dominate colour is purple but on the first few pages there are many other colours to such as light blue used as a back ground with black writing on top of it. A lot of white is also used as background colour. After the first few pages the purple boarder appears around the whole page other colours are also used but are not as noticed as purple. They make heading of courses stand out by making them a blue. On some pages a blue back ground is used to make information stick out more.

Overall I think the colour scheme is very straight forward but I think they over did it with the purple. Content

When the reader gets down to reading the prospectus they can see that the information is displayed in small paragraphs some longer than others but use full information is given this prospectus get straight down to the point. It explains how long each course is and what may be covered in the course. The prospectus also gives the reader a brief description bout the collage and what there mission is to do in the community and how it wants to help students make the right choices in life.

This prospectus also gives pages that are dedicated to students which may be aiming for higher education after collage such as university these pages write bout how the collage encourage all students to carry on with education and also explains how the collage will help students prepare for universities such as Oxford or Cambridge. These pages also show what recourses the collage has like career connection with channel 4 and British airways. The prospectus also tells students about such services they can use such as connexions. The content within the 47 page prospectus is usefully but only if it has the courses u want to do, if you are interested in attending the collage and seeing which facilities it has there are pages available on these pages there is a brief description of all the facilities to find out more bout the facilities it is better to go down to the collage and see them because the description in the prospectus is to brief. The prospects have an application form at the back of it and also have a map giving directions to the collage. Purpose

The purpose of this Prospectus is to get as many people aged 16-19 to join Spelthorne collage. The other purpose of this prospects is to explain to the reader what Spelthorne collage is about and how good it is compared to other collages in the local area, it also educates people and gives them information on courses so they can check what they want to do and what they will be involved in doing.

3.1.2 Comparing it

I will now be comparing this prospectus with the prospectus I picked up from West Themes collage and the Hounslow part time courses for all. I will be comparing many different factors such as writing styles, presentation styles, layout, colour, content and purpose I will then be looking at some things which are the same in the prospectuses. Writing styles

By looking at all three documents I can clearly see that the Spelthorne prospectus only uses one font all this does with the one font is change the size of it and also make it bold. For headings the font is made bigger and also bold this helps headings stand out a lot more. The West Themes prospectus has one main font but also has different fonts for different areas. Heading use a different font this helps them stand out form the writing on the page; questions also have different fonts from answers this helps them stand out. The Hounslow part time course for all also really only has one font which is used and made bold for headings. Bullet points are used on all three documents. The West Themes prospectus has the largest font this is because it uses A4 paper where as the Spelthorne prospectus uses a smaller font because it uses smaller paper. Presentation styles

All three documents are presented different. The Spelthorne prospectus is 2/3rds the size of A4 and is mainly one colour and comes across pretty boring because it feels like you are looking at the same thing over and over, whereas the West Themes prospectus comes across like a magazine which is aimed at 16-19 year olds this is like the size of a A4 booklet and is presented with pictures of students and not a lot of writing. The Spelthorne prospectus has writing over pictures that looked water marked the Hounslow part time courses for all is very plain it uses 3 colours and has a title and a few pictures it is eye catching but when you have a look at the cover properly you don’t feel like picking it up. The Spelthorne prospectus is mixed which pictures but is mainly text were as the West Themes one is a mixture of both and the Hounslow part time courses for all is just completely text. The West Themes prospectus is different from the Spelthorne one because is has questions and answers about every course were as Spelthorne only as writing explaining courses etc, Hounslow part time courses for all just gives a very brief out line of the course (give one or two lines) and tells readers how much the course is going to cost and were they can apply for it. West Themes only has one boarder which is on the left hand side of the page were as Spelthorne has a boarder going around the whole page, Hounslow part time courses does not have a boarder at all. Layout

All 3 documents are laid out different from one another the West Themes prospectus is laid out is a childish sort of fashion by looking at it you can see it relates to a certain age group I think every page in this prospectus has pictures on it. It also has a questions and answers layout were it out have the question on top in one colour and then the answer under it in another colour the pictures look like Polaroid’s stuck to the page. The layout of this prospectus is better then the Spelthorne because it is easier to find out information and saves a lot of time. The Spelthorne prospectus layout is different it is on a smaller page so less information can be given. In the West Themes prospectus every course is in alphabetical order were as in the Spelthorne is laid out with popular courses and courses it is known for first then goes on to other courses. Hounslow part time courses for all sells course so it has every course in alphabetical order.

In the Hounslow part time courses for all has its courses laid out in tables but with out the guide lines of the table there. Colour

The colour schemes for the documents are completely different Hounslow part time courses for all has colour scheme 2 shades of green and a very dark purple, by looking through it you can see that green is the dominate colour the colours are eye catching for a second but when you look at them clearly they put you off this is because the colours used are too dark. On the other Hand Spelthorne also has one colour dominating its prospectus and that colour is purple it works well but if you keep looking at it, it makes you want to throw the prospectus in the bin but then again the colours they have working with this purple are good but on the whole the purple puts people off if seen to much. Now the West Themes prospectus that’s a different story on the front cover the three colours used are red, white and pea green with black writing but once you look into this prospectus you can see that there is a different colour for every subject (e.g. performing arts is green whereas sports is blue). I like the colour coordination used it really helps the prospectus climb above the others also I noticed that West Themes used bright colours so they all stand out and they all make the writing stand out this is better then have just a few colours used over and over on every page. Content

All three documents give out information on course but some more than others the Spelthorne prospectus gets straight down to the point were as the West Themes one gives out a little more information and also has questions and answered bout every course mentioned. Hounslow part time course for all is selling courses so it has things such as what courses are on offer were they can be taken up how much they cost and how long there for. Some of the content is the same because all three documents tell entry grades to enrol for courses. Purpose

The purpose for the West Themes prospectus is to encourage 16-19 year olds to attend the collage Spelthorne has the same purpose but Hounslow part time courses for all is completely different its purpose is to inform people about what courses are available and at which collage 6th form. All three documents also educate people on courses and what courses require and what courses do what. Common elements

The common elements I saw were that all three documents were designed to help people and they all wanted people to make the right choice.

3.2 Application form Spelthorne collage

The application form from Spelthorne collage was found in the back of the prospectus taking up 2 sides.

3.2.1 Description

The application form is all purple! Well most of it, its very small this is because it is in the back of the prospectus it only ask a few questions most u have enough room to fill out but then it ask you for longer answers but only gives you a little bit of room to write in. everything is in rectangle boxes and is evenly spaced out. To apply the form must be photocopied to paper then sent in. Layout

Well the layout of it is that all answers are to be written in small rectangle boxes everything is evenly spaced out on the side of the form it has instructions on what to do. Colour

Again the main colour that stands outs here is purple but there the got a boarder around the form but barely enough to see black is used on this page in the colour of the writing. Content

This form only ask for home details, grades, what sports were played at school, and a brief outline of what you would like to do with your life. Purpose

The purpose of this form is to get students to apply for Spelthorne collage and if students attend the collage it’s to have there personal information for the collage database.

3.2.2 Comparing it

Looking at West themes application form I clearly saw that there were more questions asked and also the application forms could be ripped out from the other two documents (West Themes and Hounslow) Spelthorne had the least questions out of the 3 documents and also gave the least room to write anything. Writing styles

The writing styles used for the application forms are different from the ones used in the prospectus. All the application forms had a size 12 font and were all the same font (e.g. all times new roman) bold is used for headings and main sections of the form. Presentation styles

Once again Spelthorne has the smaller prospectus so therefore it has the smaller form but I think it is pretty good every thing is were it should be looks nice but could loose the purple colour and needs to have more room to write the other 2 documents are great application forms because they give applicants enough room to write what they have to but then again do not ask a lot of questions. All the form are kind of the same because the boxes are laid out very well there is nothing wrong everything looks neat and tidy this makes the reader want to answer all questions. Layout

All three documents have great layout but spacing would help a lot more for the Spelthorne otherwise I thought the layout was great. Colour

The colours used for the Spelthorne form were purple were as the west themes used grey and Hounslow used green and white the colours were good but if they had changed them on the Spelthorne form it would have been better because the application is at the end of the prospectus the reader got sick of seeing purple so they may think they will fill the form in another day this could loose the collage people. Content

The application forms contain the same types of question but on Spelthorne’s form some questions are not asked. There is less content on Spelthorne’s form were as the other two forms ask you a lot of things such as ethnic backgrounds etc. Purpose

The purpose of all three forms is to get people to apply for collage. Common elements

The forms have common elements such as they all ask for address’s phone numbers and contact details. They also all have boxes were u must write your answers to the questions asked.

3.3 Hounslow council part time courses for all

This was the second document I had collected I picked this up in connexions. I think this document is great to look at if you are applying for single courses or night courses.

3.3.1 Description

This document is A4 size and has around 38 pages this document doesn’t use any pictures it just list courses which are available around the Hounslow area the layout of it is great makes finding courses easy and is helpful but doesn’t give enough information on courses. Layout

The lay out of this document is very simple it’s like tables but with out guide lines this makes the document very easy to read and you know where something starts and ends. Every page has this type of layout and this makes looking though it very simple. Colour

The colours used for this document are green and dark purple. All the way though the document you can see green is the dominating colour and purple isn’t used a lot compared to green. The colours used are eye catching at first but when the reader pick ups the document it looks quite plain. Content

The content of this document is many different types of course information it tells readers which courses are held were how much they cost and how long they go on for it also give a brief out line of the course in one or two lines. Purpose

The main purpose of this document it to inform people of what courses are being held around the Hounslow area and how much they cost this document other purpose is to save time because people can look at it instead of travelling around Hounslow looking for courses. Compare


3.4 Hounslow council part time courses for all application form

This application form is also at the back of the booklet I have got it also takes up 2 sides (A4).

3.4.1 Description

The application form is white and can be ripped out of the booklet to be sent off it is laid out in landscape and give the applicant enough room to write there answer to the questions asked. Layout

This form is laid out in landscape and looks very easy to fill in this is because it is laid out in little sections that have a few questions in each the answers are to be given in boxes which are mostly aligned with one another again there is a use of tables. Colour

The colour mainly used on this form is green there are three shades of green used one very light to one very dark these colours help things stick out when reading this form the colour doesn’t put you off, you can barely even notice it. Content

This application form asks personal questions but it also asks for credit card details this is because all the courses in the booklet have to be paid for. Comparing

All application forms have been compared in sections 3.2.2 onwards.

3.5 West Themes Prospectus

This is the 3rd document I picked up I got it from West Themes collage when applying.

3.5.1 Description

This document is A4 size and has around 68 pages this document uses many pictures and list courses which are available at the collage the layout of it is great. It makes finding courses easy and is helpful and gives a lot of information on courses. Layout

West Themes prospectus is laid out is a childish sort of fashion by looking at it you can see it relates to a certain age group I think every page in this prospectus has pictures on it. It also has a questions and answers layout were it out have the question on top in one colour and then the answer under it in another colour the pictures look like Polaroid’s stuck to the page. Colour

This prospectus uses many different colours it has a different colour for every section this makes certain things stand out on pages and also the reader doesn’t get sick of seeing the same colour over and over again also this prospectus uses many different colours in its writing questions have a different colour from answers and things that need to stand out are in different other than black. Content

This prospectus gives out more information than any other the other 2 documents on courses it also helps much more than the other 2 it explains what grades students need to enter courses and what things students are expected to do and to know for courses.

3.5.2 Compare it

All 3 documents have been compared in sections 3.1.2 onwards

3.6 West Themes application form

This form is also in the back of the prospectus it also takes up 2 sides (A4)

3.6.1 Description

The application form is grey and can be ripped out of the prospectus to be sent off it is laid out in portrait view and give the applicant enough room to write there answer to the questions asked. Layout

This form is laid out in portrait view and looks very easy to fill in this is because it is laid out in numbered sections that have a few questions in each; the answers are to be written in boxes which are mostly aligned with one another. Colour

There are only three colours used and these are white black and grey these colours work well with one another also these colours do not put the applicants off when filling in the form. Content

Only a few things are asked this application for ask for details such as which GCSE grades you got and also ethnic background questions.

3.7 Evaluation

Here I will write down the good and bad points of all my application forms and prospectuses

Spelthorne prospectus

Good points

Bad points

Gets down to the point

The same colour is used over and over

Very easy to read not a lot to read

Doesn’t give a lot of information on courses

Explains things around local area such as jobs etc

West Themes prospectus

Good points

Bad points

Relates with my age group

Too many pages

Has answers to many questions on courses

Lots of colours readers don’t get bored when reading

Hounslow part time courses for all

Good points

Bad points

Give information on lots of courses

Doesn’t give enough information on courses

Very straight forward easy to read

I thought all the application forms were alike so I put them all into one table

Application forms

Good points

Bad points

Very easy questions

Some questions are not needed

Main headings stand out so the read knows what do to

Some bits need bit more space to write longer answers

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