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Some Institutions like religious and educational ones are closely related. Their intimacy with each other makes them to have no clear distinguishing in terms of functions and purpose. Due to the closeness and intimacy in functions and purposes between two, there has been such historical integrations since the establishment of educational institutions with the religious institutions.

This close relationship among them were long ago demonstrated through the introductions oaf the formal education in the various colonies allover the world. During the early time of colonial era, the establishment of one type of institution was followed next by the other type of Institutions. (Hull, 1991)

The purpose of education and religion is geared towards the shaping the life of man. As well known, a man’s life is complete in three forms which includes the body’ the soul and the spirit. Thus, educational and religious institutions serves the   major parts of human life and characters building as well as healthy physicals body fitness. Through the above factors considerations, it can be said that religious and educational institutions are vital foundations for setting human life into the right truck.

This is because they both act as oasis and basis of critical thinking upon the things that men does. As result of being aware of the environment   which surrounds us through the religious and educational institutions, there is enhanced socialization that may generally yield to goods humble community in state. Hence, true educational and religious institutions perhaps bring peace and harmony in country which consequently leads to increased productivity. (Parliamentary assembly, 2005)

While most true religious institutions aims at creating a bond that unite humanity, the main gist of various educational institutions is to impact knowledge to men basically for use in the production sectors based on employment. This implies that religious nature more of the spiritual body while educational institutions make man’s life growth in physical and mental parts. (Parliamentary assembly, 2005)



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