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Competency Assessment and Certification Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

• Visit/inquire assessment schedule and requirements at our TESDA District/Provincial Office.

• File CAC application form and submit requirements.

• Note schedule of exam/assessment.

• Make sure you have the admission slip before you take the assessment.

What are the requirements?

• Authenticated Birth Certificate (2 xerox copies)

• 1 pc. 1×1 photo (colored)

• Employment Certification / Training Certificate – related to occupational area applied

• 2 copies CAC Application Form (NMIS Form 001) -c/o TESDA District/Provincial Office

• CAC Testing Fee – may vary according to occupational area applied (c/o TESDA District/Provincial Office)

• Admission Slip – required upon taking the assessment

Notes :
• There are two parts of the assessment – knowledge and skills • Examinee should take the knowledge asses

sment before taking the skills assessment. • Passing the knowledge assessment is not a requirement

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Choose a Membership Plan
in taking the skills assessment. • If the examinee fails in the written portion, he/she may still take the actual exam but will be required to re-take the knowledge assessment after 1 month.

CAREGIVER APPLICANTS – Checklist of Requirements Entry Requirements : Candidates for certification as Caregiver must meet AT LEAST TWO of the following: • Have at least 72 units of post secondary education

• Have completed an intensive Basic Training Course for Caregivers (Infant Child, Elderly/Disabled) or related course conducted by certified industrial/training institution equivalent to 750 classroom hour. • Have at least 1 year work experience as Caregiver within the last 3 years. Documentary Requirements :

• Application form (properly filled-up)
• 3 pcs. picture (passport size) with name written at the back • Proof of the abovementioned qualification requirements o Certificate of work experience issued by company or manager and/or Training Certificate stating number of hours of training and title of the course (original copy) with record of on-the-job training o Transcript of records or Certification from the school that he/she has acquired 72 units of post secondary education Note :

• Training and experience certificates should correspond to the area applied for. • Documents must be submitted in original and photocopies. Employer/company can authenticate the photocopies. The Assessment Center can also authenticate the photocopies upon presentation of the originals.

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