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I am writing this letter is to have your attention to the above title. On behalf of the students block A I want to complain about the dismal conditions we have been putting up with for the past couple of months.

2.The main complaints of the students concerns were improper rubbish collected on the block. At present, the rubbish has collected twice per week. However, since students produce more rubbish nowadays, it’s just not practical to implement. The litter bins have always filled to the full, and leave us with no choice but to leave our bags of rubbish next to the bins. The rotting waste causes a terrible smell besides attracted unwanted things such as rats. Stray cats and dogs also make the litter bins places for looking food thus strew the rubbish. It’s not only unpleasant view but also harm to us as flies surrounding the rubbish. Therefore, I would suggest that increasing the occasion to collect the rubbish from twice a week to three times a week.

3.Beside that, the drains in the block mostly have clogged. This is because due to the poor drainage system which resulting the water becomes stagnant. There is a need to ensure drainage systems work properly as stagnant water is an ideal place for the mosquito to breed. These make students have worried of the possibilities of dengue case although so far no such record. The stagnant water also causes an unpleasant odour as it does contain wastewater too. Therefore, I recommend that on improving drainage system in the students block before unwanted things like dengue case happen.

4.The parking lots on the block is also lacking as only few parking lots available compare to the number of vehicles. Students have to park their vehicle at any empty place near to the block. Some motorcycles even park at the walkway beside the block. These cause difficulties to students who use the walkway as it’s already blocked by motorcycle. The unorganized parking also makes its unpleasant view especially for visitors which only give the negative impression. Therefore, I will like to suggest more parking lots are creating for students use.

5.The WI-Fi system that the institute has also not working properly. The Wi-Fi signal is not strong and stable enough for the usage of students. Without a high-quality Wi-Fi system, the assignments which need to be done quickly with the internet as one of useful sources, will take a long time to browse. Moreover, not everyone can afford to have their own internet thus make institute Wi-Fi as the only reliable source they have. Students who her room at highest floor in block also does not have the Wi-Fi as it’s signal not reachable at the highest floor. There is no alternative but to upgrading institute Wi-Fi so that every student can have this accommodation.

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