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Completed Database and Documents for the Extreme Sports Club Essay Sample

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Completed Database and Documents for the Extreme Sports Club Essay Sample

After testing the completed system, I visualise Mr Gavin using it in the following way. All of the template documents will be created and stored on his hard disk and accessed through a drop down menu on the homepage. The home page will be displayed by loading a file I will call “Extreme Sports Club Homepage”. By clicking on the drop down menu he will be able to open the relevant template and be able to enter the information needed. He will also be able to print out the finished document. When he closes the document he has just printed he will be able to click on a button on the home page document (that will still be open) and re-launch another template. He will also be able to work on more than one template at a time. Once he has finished his work with the templates he can exit the system by clicking on the X button at the top right hand corner of the homepage window. The templates will remain unchanged when new documents based on the templates are created. (Information on how to input data and process each document will be outlined in the design).

Hardware Requirements

To run the system Mr Gavin will need the following:

* Intel(r) Pentium(r) processor 1.86GHz

* 500 MB RAM

* 200GB hard drive

* DVD/CD-RW Drive

* Broadband Router

* 19″ widescreen TFT display

* A colour laser printer: to present high quality hard copy, required for all documents at high speed; 17 pages per minute

Software Requirements

* Windows XP operating system

* Microsoft Office 2003 with Microsoft Word

Data sources and inputs



Data Source

User Inputs

Home Page

Drop down menu to open the templates: Payment reminders and letter. Company Name and logo will also be placed on the homepage.

The end user will provide advice on which templates to add, the logo and the name of the company.

Selects appropriate template

Payment Reminder

The payment reminder will contain the sports members Customer title firstname, lastname, address, tel no, e-mail,

Payment reminder details: invoice no, item code, price, description, quantity, total;

Subtotal, vat, payment total

It will also contain the company name and logo. Fill in fields will be used in the payment reminder.

Current sports member details gathered at time of purchase over phone, order form or email. The end user will supply the logo and company name.

The end user will input the sports member and payment reminder details. The customer details will be entered by fill in field prompts.

The payment reminder data will be input directly into the embedded spreadsheet


The letter will contain the sports club member’s title, last name, number and name of street, town, county and post code. The date will be updated automatically so that each time the template is used the current date is displayed. The letter will use mail merge. The logo and company name will be inserted.

The letter will be a mail merge. The data file will contain a record for each member. The input field will be: title, last name, address, Town, County and postcode and so on. The date will be updated automatically so that each time the template is used the current date is displayed.

The letter will need to be created and the fields from the data source. Each month a new letter will be created with details about various sport activities. The same or amended information can be used.





Click the Payment reminder button on the main menu: The payment reminder template opens as new document.

Click the letter button on the main menu: The letter template opens as a new document.

The payment reminder

Once opened, fill-in field boxes will appear: Title, last name, number and name of street, town, county, and post code.

Once opened, fill-in field boxes will appear: Title, last name, address, town, county, post code. When the data has been entered and the ok button has been clicked, the data entered will automatically be placed in the appropriate location in the document. Once the data has been entered into the payment reminder, the formulae will automatically calculate: subtotal, VAT, total, grand total. When the print button is clicked a copy of the payment reminder will be printed.


Once the mail merge button has been selected, the data from each record in the data source will replace the field names in the document with the details needed in the letter. When the print button is clicked, the personalized letter will be automatically printed out for each member.





Suggested alternatives


The screen is required to see what you are clicking

It helps you to see what you are doing more easily

A document with a drop down menu could be created. A macro to open each template could be attached to the drop down menu options.

Payment Reminder

The screen helps you to see what data you enter and the printer prints out a copy of the completed payment reminder.

A copy of the completed payment reminder needs to be printed so that it can be sent to the sports members.

The colour printer produces quality hard copies, required for all documents


The screen helps you to see where the data should be entered and the printer prints out a copy of the completed letter

The mail merge will produce as many print out as there are records.

Sports club members like to have a hard copy of the letter to read at their leisure. They may not have a computer so emailing might not be appropriate.

E-mail might be an alternative but not all sports club members have that kind of technology. However all sports club members will obviously have an address, so a printed letter would be better to send.

Data Flow Diagrams


The Letter

The Payment Reminder

The Homepage

Security Requirements

* The homepage and all the templates will be loaded onto all the computers accessible to only staff members.

* A full system back up will be made to CD-RW using the computer manufactures back up utility to ensure the system can be restored in the event of a computer crash.

* The system and templates will be backed up to a CD-RW

* Any changes to the system or templates will require a back up to a new CD-RW

* Any files created from the system will be backed up to a CD-RW at the end of the working day.

* CD-RW backups will be stored either off site or in a locked fire-proof cabinet in the sports club staff room.

* Every time the computers are restarted, a security code will be used to log onto the computers.

* The sports club will use an alarming system, which is tested every week.

* Doors and windows will be locked using keys, which are kept by the Sport club Manager and qualified staff.

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