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Maximizing the productivity of people, process and systems are an essential step to make the business more productive. In this connection of the superior technologies that arouse today, the process of using internet in the cl3 will be monitored into an automated system.

This study is being planned to create a Monitoring System of using internet in the computer Lab. 3.Earlier, the process of using internet is not monitor. There is a possibility that the users may be using the internet for long time while the others are waiting for so long. By this proposed system, students will be monitor in using the computer in the computer Lab. 3. This is also to help the establishments to show the generated reports automatically. Since the system is automated, the process of using internet in the computer Lab. 3 will be run more easily and effectively.

The researchers decided to develop and design a Monitoring System for the using of internet in the computer Lab. 3 which is much preferable than the manual method.

Objectives of the Study
The main purpose of this study is to provide a monitoring system for using of computers in the computer Lab. 3 that will help the students and the establishment in the process of using. The specific purposes of this study are:

1. To automate the manual system;
2. To create and design a database for the Monitoring System for using the computers in the computer Lab. 3; and 3. To test the system with the student and establishments.

Scope and Limitation of the Study
This system will be implemented to the computer Lab. 3 focusing on the progress of an automated buying. It shows the managing and monitoring of using of computer which would lighten the inherit problems in monitoring the users. This proposed system can also perform to monitor not only the user but also the time used and show the generated reports that regard to the transactions.

The study focuses on how the data is being kept in the database. Also, it limits on how a specific transaction may add, search, edit, update and delete in the database.

Hardware and Software
These are the equipments and programs that will be needed:
1. Computer1 unit
2. Visual Basic
3. MS Access

Significant of the Study
Technology now a day is growing bigger and faster. That is why this system is created to monitor the using of internet in computer Lab. 3. This system will help the establishment to monitor the user of the computer. This study was conceptualized to form a better picture in the importance of technology in human life in which technology plays a very useful part.

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