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Computer System Component (Common Storage Devices) Essay Sample

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Computer System Component (Common Storage Devices) Essay Sample

One of the most important computer system devices is memory. In computing storage devices are referred to the device for storing data.  The typical way of storing data are RAM, hard disk, CD and DVD-R (recordable CD and DVD), memory card and floppy disk. Some of the memory devices will be discussed in this essay

According to Shiava (2000, 146-148) one of the most important memories in computer usage is RAM (Random Access Memory).  Ram is generally used to store data on short term applications. Ram is the memory that a computer uses to run various programs and applications. These days the normal RAM comes in 256/512 MB. The higher the Ram; the swift is data access. RAM is faster than the traditional storage devices; such as hard disk and CDs, but it has limited storage capacity

Hard disk is the component where all the data and programs of a system are stored. Hard disk is used to save large files and software programs including the operating system; which is o installed on hard disk. The hard disk comes is large sizes. The normal size of HD (hard disk ) is in between  40/80 or 120 GB. The data reading speed from hard disk depends on computer RAM and processor; and the program or file size. For example it will take less time to see a picture; but a 3D software application will take longer time to execute.

A CD or DVD R is another way of storing massive data such as music, pictures or large video files  allowing it to share with friends and colleagues or copy to other computers. An empty CD R can store data up to 660 Mb; while a DVD R can store data from 1.6 GB to 9 GB depending on the DVD R quality. In order to write data on the CDs, a computer must be equipped with CD or DVD writer (Myles, 2000; 50-54).

One modern addition in computer component is flash memory cards; which are working as a replacement for the floppy and CDR due to their smaller size. One such kind of memory card is Smart Media; which is used in digital cameras to store pictures; which can be easily transferred to PC or laptop. The latest PCs and laptops have built-in smart media card slot readers; which allow to transfers pictures and data from the card directly. Another form of flash based memory device is memory stick by Sony. The card comes in the size of 64 MB to 4 GB. In a recent consumer show, 8 GB memory stick was unveiled which is enough to record a DVD movie. There is also a mini-SD Card developed by SanDisk. SD card is specifically aimed at mobile phones to store data; however it is also compatible with other devices as well. Even though floppy drives are going out of fashion, yet some people still use floppy disks which are cheaper than all other storage devices, but floppy can store very limited amount of data (Wikepedia, 2006).


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