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Computer vs Humans Essay Sample

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Computer vs Humans Essay Sample

Over the years, there have been many advances in technology that has allowed computers to become more efficient and allows us to do different tasks such as emailing and streaming movies. Every time new devices or software are released, it takes us one step closer to us having computers replace things that humans could do. In order to replace human senses, computers needed input devices for perception and data entry.

There are different input devices that come standard with most computers such as a track pad to be able to “scroll by moving your finger while touching the pad and click by tapping on any point of the pad” or a keyboard that allows someone to input data (Abdallah). A computer can only preform tasks if it there is someone operating it and telling it what to do. What is still missing for a computer in terms of senses is the fact it cannot do things on it own. Humans have free will, which allows them to do whatever they want where as computers do not.

The only thing that could be accomplished to improve this area is to create a brain similar to that of a human brain for computers. This act would allow them to perform tasks without having to be told what to do by an operator. Also, a computer would hopefully be able to form thoughts and opinions on their own. (ACHEIVEMENT) For a computer to be able to store data and process it like a human brain, they need processors and memory. According to Dr. Abdallah, the computer processing unit or CPU can be “considered as the brain of the computer (Abdallah).

It is responsible the processing speed, which can be compared to human heart because one machine cycle should be completed during each tick of the computer clock (Abdallah). Also, RAM or random access memory is important as it “It is used as the waiting lobby for all elements used by the processor to process an application” (Abdallah). Now since computers were created, there have been many improvements on the amount of data that can be stored on them. However, what is missing is having an infinite amount of storage on computers.

Technology is constantly evolving and a lot more things are becoming digital causing the need for more storage for important documents or to save memories such as pictures and videos from vacations or special occasions. To improve this, something has to be created that would allow computers to. However, a huge achievement is having the choice of purchasing additional storage. For instance, when buying a computer, it could be purchased with more memory or buying external hard drives to help take move some files off of the computer to free up some storage.

Additionally, in order to replace the human nervous system and be able to perform, computers need software. The nervous system is made up of neurons that allow the body to carry signals from the brain to the part of the body it’s trying to communicate too. For example, if you want to walk, the brains sends signals and the neurons carry the message down to your legs. Similarly, software has the same purpose in they way that an applications software sends a message to the operating system software.

But, software is missing the ability to function on its own since an operator still needs to power the software to complete the task. To improve this, the computer would have to be able to analyze what task needs to be accomplished, as humans do, and send the signals to the designated software to help complete the task at hand. An achievement is that software is what allows companies to create cars, like Tesla, that can operate on autopilot with little human interaction operate it. As to replacing human feet, etc. , computers need some sort of output device.

If someone wants to make coffee, they could walk to their kitchen and make some to drink it. They are able to use their appendages without needing assistance to complete the task. If a computer wants to use an output device, it needs assistance to be able from an operator. To be able to print a document, the operator has to tell the computer it wants that particular document printed. Then the proper software communicates to the printer to print the document. The need of having assistance from the operator and being able to do without them could be seen as the missing part.

The computers ability to communicate to its output devices without needing assistance would be what could be improved in the future. The improvement of LCD to LED could be seen as the achievement since it cut down on the weight of the display and it isn’t as prone to getting damaged because of its surroundings such as too much sunlight (Abdallah). Computers do need storage devices to be able to permanently store data and information. An example of this would be read only memory, which is “a permanent solid state storage chip that holds instructions and data recorded in the factory”, and it contains a copy of the operating system.

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