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Computerise a System for Super Sports Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I have been asked to create a solution to computerise a system for Super Sports who sell sports shoes. The system that I will create will follow the specification given to me. I will include some hand drawn sketches of the forms I will create.

I hope for the system to be user friendly and easy to navigate throughout.

The new system will have to store data, calculate totals and quantities. I will make use of command buttons and macros within excel to navigate and to record data. I will also make se of the following advanced functions.

Macro’s Linked to Command Buttons

On-Screen Help

Filtering Data

Use of the IF Function

Pivot Tables

The VlookUp Function

I also need to make a web page that has pictures of all the available shoes with details and descriptions of all for sale. Also on the page I will give all these details plus the company’s contact details.

I will include relevant documentation for this solution in the form of a user guide, this guide will aim to train the staff in using the software.

Description of Development.

I started off with a black spreadsheet form Microsoft Excel. I changed the background colour of the whole sheet. I added a selection of command buttons to the form to navigate through the system; I also added a title to the page. I then renamed the sheet to “Welcome Page” I than added some more sheets as I thought I would need them as I progressed through the application.

I then moved onto the second sheet, which I called “Cost” On this form I used the “VlookUp function to link the shoe type with price, this will make sure tat the quality, shoe and price are all correct. I also used some validation on this form, in the type of list validation, this allows the user to select data from this list box only. I added a Command button to this page to navigate back to the welcome screen.

I then created a total sheet, all this sheet does is hold the total amount of shoes sold.

I then created the sheet called “Shoes” This shoes hold the prices

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per pair of shoes and the increment for the quality sole.

The next sheet I made was the Orders Sheet, this sheet holds all the details of orders placed. It also has a graph which I have made to display the amount of orders placed.

The final sheet is called customer Details, I have set this sheet up to store the details of all customers that place orders through super sports.

Throughout this project I have used the following advanced features:

I used the date function on all my sheets to display the date

I used the VlookUp function on my costs sheet to look up the costs shoes & sole increment

I used the % Calculation to calculate the cost of the shoes with the quality sole

I used a chart on my Order sheet to display the total number of orders.

I failed to use the pivot tables.

Super Sports User Manual

1) Open the spreadsheet titled “Super Sports” by dubble clicking on the icon, The following form will load

By by clicking the button labled cost, it will navigate you to the cost form. This form is shown bellow:

This form will show you the cost of all the shoes in stock, At the top of the screen there three selection box’s. this first called “Shoe Type” By clicking this you will gert

From here you can select the shoe type you require which will then show the prices for that specific shoe. Alternatively you can click on “All” and this will show prices for all shoes.

By clicking on the drop down arrow labelled “Price of each shoe” will give you the following menu

And by clicking on the third drop down menu will give you the following menu.

To return to the main menu click the following button

this will take you to the welcome screen

By clicking on the order button on the welcome screen, this will take you to the order screen

This form will show you all the orders that have been placed on the system.

Navigate back to the welcome screen and you will find a button labelled “Sports Shoes” Click this button and it will take you to the following screen.

This screen just simplifies the cost of each trainer. Select the “Back to Welcome Page” to navigate back to the welcome page.

By clicking on the following icon from the main screen will take you to the customer details form.

when this page loads the following dialog box will appear as well.

By clicking on new, you can add the details of a new customer. When you have completed all the fields you will need to click the close button to save the changes.


I think that my model will work fine and meet the majority of the requirements. I think that if I could re do my work I would spend more time using formulas and I would tidy up the interface as the one I have created is not very appealing. I didn’t plan my assignment as well as I would have liked to do, for this reason I think I would next time use a gantt chart to set myself deadlines and to get the topic done a bit more effectively.

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