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Computerize Information System Essay Sample

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Computerize Information System Essay Sample

While computerized system is less time consuming and you can avoid errors. It can help to solve problems fast and easy. It can do grades and personal information more easy and keeps the records keep for a longer time.

The computerized Information System for The Lord Is My Shepherd Christian School is made for the development of their way on how the students fill-up about their personal information.

TLIMS Christian School is using a manual system that is very time consuming and hard for the registrar to solve for a problem. The TLIMS Christian School is help by the researchers to give computerize information system for fast and easier process of their personal information.


General Objective

• Design an enrollment system and grading system for TLIMS Christian School that will address the files and information’s.

Specific Objective

• Able to develop an easy and advanced system in preparing for the enrollment and gathering student information with speed and accuracy.

• Help the registrar to solve problems of the enrollment and personal student information using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.

• Make the works of the registrar fast and easy.

• Produce hard copies of student’s records.

Statement of the Problem

As the proponent conducts an interview with the given personnel of the company, they had encountered some problems and those problems serve as a guide to the researchers to build their propose system:

• It is costly time consuming and tedious.

• It is a calamity prone area that can affect the records and files.

• It is hard to compute, because of some problems that cannot solve by the human knowledge.

• Unorganized keeping of records and files.

Significance of the Study

The importance of computerize information system is to handling easy work for those who have needed it quickly. It helps other teacher give information to student faster than manual system. Enhance their school in their own system in handling there information system. And for them to accommodate many students, they need to computerize the information about the students. For them to make their work fast and easier than the manual system they use. Also, computerize information system keeps records neatly and orderly.

For us researchers, computerize information system develop our documentation skills in gathering information in TLIMS Christian School. It also helps to improve communication skills through interviews and meetings. Think for the codes that should put in the system so that it will run.

School History

The school started its ministry to children in 1996 as a Sunday school class. Students were challenged. The school then continued with the vision to grow according to Lord’s time and will. God used his servant, in the person of Rev. Genes J. Paderan as an instrument to pioneer a church and put up a church based school in Antipolo City.

In the year 1996, the Lord blessed us to start our school but it is limited only to Pre-school level at Phase I Bagong Nayon II Antipolo City.

“TLIMS” Christian School which only means “The Lord is my Shepherd Christian School”, a private non-sectarian, pre-school and elementary school, operate entirely under a non-stock and non-profit, whatever little amount is realized at the end of the school in the form of improvement of facilities or otherwise. TLIMS Christian School was founded with God’s guidance, His divine word and upon the faith of Rev. Genes J. Paderan. TLIMS Christian School goal is to educate not only the children but to teach also the parents through the Scripture in their daily lives. It is the prayer that God will answer their prayer of an owned lot and 3 storey building.

Every student in TLIMS is taught the Bible, the living truth and is being used as foundation in building moral values and in pursuing our vision: Quality education, Moral development and Spiritual growth based on Biblical principles geared toward academic excellence in building a long life worth. Our thrust is: Academic excellence, Deep spiritual nurture, Love of God, country, Family, fellowmen, Enhancement of gift talents and wholesome discipline.

By the Lord’s grace and guidance, a combine effort of the administration, faculty and staff whose theme is to “Pursue Excellence in Academic, culture and spiritually”, who are dedicated and committed first to the Lord, second to their work, providing a high standard. With all the blessing we have received, we give back all the glory and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Mission

As a Filipino Institution of Learning-TLIMS Christian School adheres to the provisions set by the Philippine constitution which states that:

All educational institution shall aim to inculcate patriotism and nationalism, foster of love of humanity, respect for human rights appreciation of the role of nation heroes in the historical development of the country, teach the rights and duties of citizenship, strengthen ethical and spiritual values and reformation, develop moral character and personal discipline, encourage critical and creative thinking.

Towards the realization of these ends, TLIMS Christian School shall offer a curriculum designed and enriched to develop and instill in the knowledge, skills, interests, habits and deals essential to the meaningful development of their potential as worthy member of the church, the state, the school and the home.


Quality Education, Moral Development and Spiritual growth based on Biblical principles geared towards academic excellence as a foundation in building a long life worth.

Scope and Delimitation


Enrollment system for elementary schools which also includes information pertinent data such as Name, Grade, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Sex, Home Address, Fathers Name, Mothers Name, Occupation, School Last Attended and Address of the School. This enrollment system is design for the use of the stuff to enable them to produce information required by different people.

This study also focused on grading system of TLIMS Christian School. The coverage of this study is limited to nine (9) subjects only. Below are enlisted:

• English
• Mathematics
• Science
• Filipino
• Reading
• Computer Education
• Social Studies/ Araling Panlipunan
• Technology & Livelihood Education
• Christian Living


The researchers limited this research to TLIMS Christian School for instance, about secondary, tertiary and vocational that concerns for other or higher are not art of the study.

Definition of Terms

– The sacred writings of the Christian church, consisting of the old and new testaments.

– A course, especially of study at school or university

– Of or concerning morals, justice or duty.

– Unusual goodness or worth.

– Tidily or skillfully.

– (The showing of) great love for ones country.

– The person that investigate and finding the answer.

– The opportunity or chance to do, use or develop.

– Boring and continuing for a long time.

School Profile

Owner: Rev. Genes J. Paderan

Started: June 8, 1993

Address: Phase I Bagong Nayon II Antipolo City

Contact Number: 09294074116

Levels Offered: Nursery, Kinder, Preparatory and Elementary

Total Students: 170 Students

Organizational Chart

Rev. Genes J. Paderan

Jocelyn C. Paderan

Luisa L. Del Monte

Jocelyn C. Paderan
Head Teacher

Janary V. Dollesin
Head Teacher

Luisa L. Del Monte
Teacher, Pre-shool

Roselle Z. Sarmiento
Teacher, Elementary

Mary R. Palaña
Teacher, Pre-School

Dannylyn O. Penilla
Teacher, Elementary

Guendy E. Raguindin
Teacher, Pre-School

Lionel V. Lacao
Teacher, Elementary

Virginia M. Escabillas
Teacher, Elementary

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