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Introduction of TOPIC

Computers nowadays are one of the necessities that bring up progress. Not just for the country but for one individual as well. In our society all over the world, computer did a great advancement. As to sum up the effect it brought, it undeniably makes man’s life easier and convenient. The relationship between business and computers is constantly changing that man adapts to this technological advancement.

Among all that, a growing-in-progress bookstore is no different from any other firms and institution, considering the use of computers will make tasks efficient. Bookstore owners/managers must also know not only ways on how to manage business by means of automation, but to know the significant effect and be aware of the changes in the service that automation can bring into the near future.

Thus, computer

works radically different from human beings and the flows of work from automated system differ quite

considerably from that in a manual system. At the present time, IT in business was really rising, making extremely demand in our society. It is a very useful material to help us in our job like minimizing our time in doing our works. It brings us a quick result in a short period of time. These computer technologies usually use nowadays in different aspects because it helps them a lot in terms of their services. It usually helped them in monitoring their business franchise, making inventories, computing incomes and profits and other tasks in a business. The proponents aim is to offer solution to the problems regarding bookstore business procedures and management, and to provide a user-friendly system for their ease and comfort. The system basically responds to the needs of the book owner/manager and customers.


This study will be beneficial to us not only to improve our skills but it helps us to enhance our knowledge between Business System and Information Technology. This will also be beneficial into the manager’s hard tasks by the benefits that lessens his supposedly time grabber tasks. Moreover, this study could also be a great advantage for a business as it may help the business marketing status of the bookstore to increase in a possible big progress of the business in the near future.

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