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Concepts of Nonverbal Communication, using the movie “Two can play that game” Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Nonverbal communication can be defined as a means of communication without using words. There are various concepts and forms that depict how nonverbal communication takes place. Examples of these forms are such as facial expressions, gestures and posture, movement, distance, clothing and appearance, face and eyes, touch, physical attractiveness and finally the voice. Communication can be interpreted from any of these concepts although sometimes can prove to be difficult.

From the movie, “Two can play that game” there are numerous scenes that evidently show nonverbal communication taking place. One such scene which is played by the lead actors, Vivica A. Foxx, who takes the role of Chante Smith, Maurice Chesnut, who plays Keith and finally Troy Gillman who takes the role of being the sly and conniving Dave. The scene is a social gathering and people seem to be enjoying themselves, sipping champagne, and having lots of laughs. Chante and Dave seem to be having an interesting and enjoyable conversation, as Keith watches at a distance, Apparently, Chante is Keith’s girlfriend and Chante’s actions seem to strike Keith with various kinds of emotions, behaviors and expressions. Even from a distance, Keith can interpret what could possibly be going on due to the various forms and concepts of nonverbal communication being displayed by Chante and Dave.

Firstly, facial expressions play a big role. Keith can make out how the conversation could be going judging from Chante’s and Dave’s facial expressions. He can tell that they are enjoying themselves, having a good time and enjoying each others company. Keith also depicts the conversation between Chante and Dave could possibly lead to other things, most likely becoming intimate. On the other hand, both Chante and Dave can also interpret Keith’s facial expressions to mean something. Keith evidently depicts that he is angry, annoyed and portrays a huge sign of jealously, because in reality, Chante is actually his girlfriend and she is only doing this as vengeance because he more or less did the same thing to her. Keith is also able to establish a facial expression from Dave to mean that he wants to woe and take Chante away from him by making an impression and also gives the look that he wants to get sexually intimate with her.

Another important form of nonverbal communication is distance. From this scene, Chante and Dave keep a more or les

s very close distance between themselves depicting some kind of intimacy could possibly be occurring

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or is about to occur. At first, the two parties kept a slight distance between themselves, showing that this was only a formal and friendly conversation taking place. But the sudden movement towards each other gives Keith the impression that Chante and Dave could be getting more and more intimate and their sudden change in the distance between them shows that this conversation is leading somewhere outside the boundaries of mere friendship.

A third concept that brings out nonverbal communication is the face and eyes. Once again, Chante and Dave top this aspect. They both keep eye contact with one another, showing that the conversation is getting really personal and they could be opening up to one another. Chante also on some instances keeps face and eye contact with Keith, which could be interpreted to mean that she has decided to leave him or could mean that it is simply vengeance for what Keith did. Dave also in some instances enables to make a facial and eye contact with Keith to show that he could be taking over and he could be the one moving on with Chante. Keith’s facial and eye contact with them evidently displays that he is angry, jealous and that he’ll constantly be on the look out and watching their every move.

Gestures and posture also play a major role in depicting nonverbal communication. Chante brings out a posture that suggests that she really likes Dave and is getting close and comfortable with him. The same applies to Dave whose motives are likewise. Whereas, Keith displays gestures which are meant to question Chante why she is doing what she is doing and the posture he portrays shows that he is not happy with what she is doing.

Chante’s and Dave’s clothing and appearance are also meant to bring out some form of communication between the two. Chante’s astonishing and extremely beautiful appearance, not forgetting her very gorgeous and sexy outfit shows that she is out to get something, and in this case, a man. Dave’s appearance, including his clothing which is much more formal depict that he is out to make an appearance or impression so that he could possibly woe and win Chante over.

Touch is yet another form or type of nonverbal communication. In this somewhat tight and sombre mood scene, Chante holds Dave by the hands and arm, and in one instance, as she parts and says goodbye to Dave, she gently kisses him on the cheek. This act can be meant to show that she really likes Dave and has become somewhat attached to him in some way. The kiss in this case is meant to show that she is thanking him for his wonderful company and can also be interpreted to mean that she wouldn’t mind seeing him again. On the other hand, Dave also gives Chante a light brush on the face with his hand, evidently depicting that he likes her and would like to get intimate with her.

Finally, voice which is another concept of nonverbal communication clearly brought out in this scene. Chante’s and Dave’s pitch and tone of voice clearly depicts a happy and good mood between them. However, on Keith’s part as he questions Chante about her actions, his pitch and tone of voice evidently show that he is furious and annoyed at both her and Dave. He somewhat screams and shouts at her depicting his anger.

Not only do these various forms and concepts of nonverbal communication bring themselves out in movies, but they also very much occur in our everyday life. Almost every action that we do can be interpreted as some form message another person sent nonverbally.

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