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These provide a way of thinking about, explaining phenomena or presenting how complex issues interact. This also serves as guidelines for dealing with complexities. They provide a lens through which to view phenomena. INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT Software Development Methodology Updated Library System Book Details, other Information Resources and Faculty/Student/Guest Records Figure 2. System Design Paradigm As shown in the figure above, the paradigm consists of three main parts. The input section about details about books and

paradigm consists of three main parts. The input section about details about books and other reading materials are encoded to the database. The process section is all about the call number, ISBN, accession number, name of the author and other identities of the book that will be stored for transactions. And the output section generating the result of the earlier transactions made.

Significance of the study
An updated library system helps institutions to integrate the manual process. This will lessen the paper works being done by the librarian. It will also lend a hand to student in searching for the books they wanted to borrow and the availability of books. This study will give benefits for the school, it helps the faculty, and student and it can help for the good quality of school. And it is easy for the school to provide a record if they requested them to take the records of the books. Besides of school, the faculty who is assigned in the library they are given benefits, it will help them to minimize the time of transaction and would be easy for the staffs to find out which book have been borrowed, and including the information about the student if the book accidentally lost. It also helps them to remove or add the books containing their information.

They do not require filling-up the book card, they should only search the book in the system then student will know if the book is available or not. And is easy to student to determine the information of book they need. It helps also to avoid the long turn at the log-in section, circulation counter, and log-out section. It is also important to future researchers, for this will give them the supplementary concepts that might help their system to be more authentic and sensible.

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