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“A Celebrity Life Cut Short” Everyone knew she had a great talent, even with all the controversy of her drug use; Amy had skills to be reckoning with. Here is her story… Amy Winehouse came from a loving and caring family, growing up in a middle class London family, and attending Silvia Young Theatre School when she was just twelve years old. Amy had dreams of becoming this very famous person who wanted to work onstage and wanted people to hear her beautiful voice, so that when anyone listened they would be genuinely happy. Amy has a very soulful voice that captivates an audience wherever she goes. However her most recent tour did not turn out well because of her constant substance abuse of drugs and alcohol use. According to fans and critics, Amy had a promising future, although her initial drug use was a problem in many ways her fans overlooked her conceptual behavior because of her drug rehab stints since she was so talented. Amy has been struggling with substance abuse for a long time, and it has now monopolized her life.

For a few months she was doing pretty well drug-wise and alcohol-wise, until she relapsed just a few months later. Everyone that knew her personally said she was a happy, sentimental person. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol got the best of her. In the year 2008, she had been hospitalized more than a handful of times, seven to be exact. Because of her raging alcohol and drug use she suffered from several health complications, such as emphysema and dehydration. Amy also dealt with other health issues during that year, including allergies to medications and breast implant complications. In summary, we conclude that Amy Winehouse could have been a superstar singer we all imagined her to be, however drug use took hold of her and led her down a path in which she could not predetermine, which took away another young star in the prime of her success. Analysis of Conflict Diagnosis In trying to diagnose the conflict in this particular article one has to assess whether the underlying conflict started when Amy was initially discovered or whether it was after her found fame.

Either way fame was not all that she thought it would be; sparking initial loneliness and feelings of being judged based on who people perceived her to be. In turn this sparked an underlined conflict that perpetuated itself over the course of Amy’s life. Disputants like Amy could be characterized as being a person who viewed herself as not worthy because of deep underlying insecurities that stemmed from her perception of how she viewed herself and how she thought the public viewed her. So in analysis it could be said that maybe she struggled with the perception of people and how they viewed her versus the perception of how she felt about herself. Amy’s conflict is more of a man vs. self-situation, and her basic interests were to become famous and make people happy by inspiring them with her voice. She was afraid of what people’s perception was of her, instead of just staying true to her. I think she tried to hide her insecurities with alcohol and drug abuse. Amy’s situation was made worse by being affiliated with the one person she wanted to spend her life with, and distancing herself from the people who were the closest to her.

When Amy got high and intoxicated with alcohol, it probably made her forget about her daily troubles, making her feel at peace. In this analysis of diagnosis there could be another area to explore, such as her close relationship with her husband. Although her insecurities were probably there before her marriage, they were made more visible as her relationship with him progressed. Within the article it alerts to a toxic relationship where her husband was in and out of jail for several issues such as assault and other minor offenses. These events that affected her could have sparked not only the emotional instability but the feelings of loneliness and failure to select someone who was going to be there for her emotionally. These particular conflicts contributed to her self-worth and self-esteem, thereby making her vulnerable and self-destructive to her. Her husband was involved with drugs himself. Because of the destructive behaviors and conflicts that surround her life, Amy had to cancel her tour dates which caused the public to assume she was in rehab. These rumors sparked further outbreaks of behavior to occur. One of the incidents was in October of ’07 in Norway where she was arrested for the possession of marijuana.

Lastly, Amy Winehouse had been drinking and smoking herself to death, destroying her life with drugs and alcohol, to hide the real problem that lie underneath the surface of who she was. She was a person who loved to please people as much as she could, but when she failed at it, she blamed it all on herself. Analysis of Conflict Resolution In deciphering a conflict resolution from this particular situation; one has to go back to the conflict which will lead to a resolution that no one ever wants to happen. However, this conflict resolution does not end well and the factors which surround it. The conflict could have very well been avoided with early intervention, consistent self-awareness, early prevention methods, and most importantly self-love, support, and basic communication skills in dealing with deep rooted conflicts that this person had.

There could have been alternatives in this conflict resolution if they could have been identified early with several alternative solutions. In closing, conflict resolution involves identifying what particular conflict that is being addressed and being able to decipher the various levels of that conflict. In this way it provides the person assisting with the valuable tools necessary to make useful evaluations based on the particular conflict that is being resolved. Finally, conflict diagnosis and conflict resolution has a place in every American household. No matter who you are or where you come from it plays a significant part in all of our daily lives. How we deal with conflict and manage conflict will determine whether we are stronger from the conflict or whether conflict rules over our lives. We as people should always try and come to common ground when it comes to conflict.


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