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For as long as human has existed, conflict has been a part of our daily life. Tragedy, sadness and many other changes might be some of results due to conflict. It affects all of us although its effect might differ. During a process of conflict, our position could have changed if the side we support get weakened. People are likely to switch their ideas, feelings and beliefs to other side in order to be inclusive with others. Indeed, as the nature of conflict is unpredictable, it can act as a catalyst for changes in our social life.

Conflict usually occurs when a disagreement happens between each individual or even between groups. Difference in minds, beliefs and interpretations might be a factor which causes conflicts. Its consequences include emotional pain, unjust decision and sometimes bring tragedy. The tragic story, by Larry Watson, set in the summer 1948, “Montana” demonstrated Wesley Hayden, a sheriff of Mercer County experiences inner-self conflict by quoting that: “This is not about family. This is a legal matter.” When Wesley had confronted with obvious proof of guilt and discovered the truth about his brother Frank, who had sexually molested an Indian woman, Wesley had arrested his own brother and locked him in basement. The conflict between him and family, between justice and family arise as the story continued. However, in the end, despite the fact that Frank’s parents and Julian tried to intimidate Wesley into releasing Frank and dropping the charge, he still keep his decision as a sheriff. This inner conflicts implies that his minds and priority about his family has changed, the justice should be done instead of advocating his brother that he respected before.

However, conflict does not always be a catalyst for change, and in many cases, it still remain and exist as long as one side can provide proof and power to encounter the conflict. Only if there are more than single individual take a stand with persuasive evidence and strong idea so as to contest for a change.

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