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Cons of Breastfeeding Essay Sample

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Cons of Breastfeeding Essay Sample

Specific Purpose: Inform the audience of the different views of breastfeeding in public. Thesis Statement: You must understand that people share many different views on public breastfeeding.

Attention Material: Public breastfeeding is a huge topic for debate all around the world. Thesis Statement: You must understand that people share many different views on public breastfeeding. Preview: We need to know how people feel about public breastfeeding so we don’t offend the public. (Transition: “With that being said let’s begin”)

I. Breastfeeding in public has been a topic of debate for years. A. As of May 2011, 49 states have legalized breastfeeding in public. B. There are many people across the world that are uncomfortable with seeing a mother openly breastfeed her child. (Transition: “ Public breastfeeding not only offend many, it violates standards of decency ”)

II. Public breastfeeding violates common standards of decency. A. Breastfeeding in public exposes everyone in the vicinity to a view of private areas of the mother’s body. B. There are innumerable ways to feed babies without breastfeeding in public. (Transition: “With that being said the should be some type of stipulations when it comes to public breastfeeding. ”) III. What happens when public breastfeeding goes too far?

A. There is a fundamental difference between breast and a baby bottle. B. Breast are sex objects and this is a fact that does not change because a mother is breastfeeding.

Summary Statement: Breastfeeding is natural but it does not make it appropriate in public. Concluding Remarks: After today what side will you be on when it comes to public breastfeeding?

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