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Consumer Behaviour Essay Sample

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Consumer Behaviour Essay Sample

In this assignment I will be analysing the following; a case study presented on how holiday decision making varies from the traditional problem-solving model of consumer decision making.

Q1 By analysing the traditional problem-solving of consumer decision making you can grasp that the market of holiday makers is more complex. The traditional method follows the concept that the consumers desire or needs creates a problem within the individual, which leads to the consumer undertaking actions to fulfil their need or desire. In actual fact this may be adequate for everyday needs which is explained in the FCB grid, for example a consumer may crave the need for a pack of cigarettes and therefore goes and purchases a pack of cigarettes without the consumer knowing they have completed a low involvement habitual response of Do-Learn-Feel, but when trying to establish the thought pattern of a holiday buyer it has shown to be much more complex as personality traits and other factors have shown to come in to play. If relating a segment of the FCB grid to what I believe is a direct correlation with holiday makers, it would be a high level informative process of Learn-Feel-Do, which is also related to consumers when buying products such as cars and houses. Another quadrant of the FCB grid which has been proven in the case study would be a high involvement feel which is a psychological pattern of Feel-Learn-do which is stated by Vincent in the case study by going on to say ‘No, it’s a on the spot decision’. This therefore shows the traditional 5 step process of:

•Need recognition
•Information search
•Evaluation of alternative
•Product choice
•Decision out-come

However this is not being followed completely by holiday makers, they understand there is a need but it looks as if the decision of where they will go is much more impulsive than planned. The case study on Holiday decision making process clearly states from their evidence that the holiday decision making process challenges the tradition process in many aspects, when analysing the case study you notice the feeling of hesitancy amongst holiday makers which proves there is no straight forward fixed stages involved in the decision making, For example the text shows a young family which had two possible holiday plans which had been planned out extensively and still did not know whether or not they would go on holiday when the time comes. Their reason for not fulfilling the holiday was down to administrative factors. This proves there are many factors which come into play when making decisions on holidays, which are not represented in the traditional problem solving model. In a way the C-A-B sequence is similar to the process used by holiday decision makers of daydreaming, nostalgia and anticipation. It is also shown that most of holiday bookings are made very late which present an opportunistic view of how holiday makers buy holidays. In my opinion it looks as if going on holiday is a spur of a moment activity and has involved into a much more complex process compared to the traditional views.

Emotional factors seem to dictate most of holiday decision made most decision tend to result from momentary moods or emotions. In an instance a person has decided on a choice for a holiday due to event or occurrence which has persuaded them to fall in love with that particular holiday. This helps to prove that the emotional factor alone during the holiday decision process is unpredictable and complex the traditional model would have no use to gain insight on how decisions are being made. Therefore judging from all the evidence mentioned previously it helps to justify the need for a much more product specific problem solving method. Q2

The information search process used holiday decision making is much more extensive and time consuming compared two search processes of alternative products such as Households and cars. In the information search process for the holiday industry is much elaborate and substantial as the information is gathered over a period of time, as the consumers can present key information when going through varied phases. A lot of key information is presented after the duration of the holiday, due to ‘prolonged involvement and cognitive dissonance’. If to compare the holiday information process to a product of similar value and emotional attachment involved in the purchasing, for example the purchasing of a new family car. Immediately When making the decision of acquiring a similar product of value, with similar emotional attachment, for example the purchasing of a family vehicle. The search process for a family car would tend to be much simpler and would perfectly fit in to the methods used in the tradition problem solving.

The reason being would be that when purchasing a product such as a family car even though it involves many emotional factors such as anxiety and stress, it follows a simple patter of learn-feel-do. The consumer recognises the need for the product therefore goes out to acquire the product. Gathering the needed information can be proven with factual evidence for example the car is highly recommended for safety and is a perfect family car as it has credentials to prove it. The information used for this particular product is consumer specific also the consumer already is seeking information for their new car which offers the option to effect the consumer’s behaviour with correct marketing, compared to holiday makers where in most occasion they wouldn’t know in advance. The consumer is able to learn about the product then go on to feel the product and have a glimpse pre hand to purchasing. Therefore an established process is being followed; in the case of holiday makers they are unable to receive a taster of the product which disorientates the process. This results in a harder decision to be made with no particular process being followed.

Using the findings presented within the case study, managers are faced to create a solution to meet all needs of the consumer. Managers must realise and understand the emotional requirement being sort after by each individual consumer, while maintaining a feasible budget. The implication of all the factors involved forces me to believe that managers have to have a wide selection of option meeting a wide variation of destinations which are highly known and recommended. They aim must be to ensure all products live up to a fragment of the consumer dream holiday. Manager’s strategy must promote their products in a way to attain an external influence over potential consumer to affect the consumer’s behaviour. Throughout the case study emotions has been used as a key trigger to the rash last minute holiday bookings rather than economic factors.

Once the consumer has fallen in love with the product it becomes a must have, this is where the fiscal becomes less deterrent to the actual holiday decision. This case study helps to prove the consumers are highly vulnerable to unexpected holidays as mentioned earlier, as the more undiscovered it remains the more desirable and sort for the product becomes. In actual fact all of these implications may work in a manager’s favour, if marketed correctly as the cost for the trip becomes less of an issue along as the price remains reasonable. Limited problem solving can be taken into consideration when strategizing, limited problem solving must be used as a basis to work off to help customer make the right decision the first time round to avoid being disappointed in the post-evaluation stage which may deter reoccurring booking or deter a consumer from the holiday market altogether. The significance of the buying situation is critical to helping the customer make the right decision.

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