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Meaning – Perception is a process by which a person select, organize and interpret the information. People can interpret different kinds of
perception and this can be form in 3 types of perception ; Selective Attention, Selective Distortion and Selective Retention.

Selective Distortion

The tendency for people to interpret most of the information to which they are already believe – means that marketers have to work hard to attract the costumer’s attention.

This shows that how people change message to match with themselves – concept or twist the message to match their perception of reality

Example of Selective Distortion
1. For example, lets say that you like the Dettol product because it can kill the 99.99% germs, then you saw an advertisement of Lifebuoy product with the same function. But since you prefer more on the Dettol product, maybe because of its fragrance, so you distort the information in the advertisement of Lifebuoy that did not match up with your preferences.

2. Similarly, smokers who do not have a plan to stop smoking, he/she will distort the medical facts that say smoking will cause lung cancer and eventually die. They believe that even a non-smoker will get a lung cancer too and everyone will have the risks to have a lung cancer even they do not smoking.

Effect to Consumers

Selective distortion means the marketers must take a big effort and work hard to understand their target market and their preferences to what kind of product and the characteristic of the product itself.

If the marketers concern about their target market, this will increase their sales volume and will get a big achievement in their advertising and sales information.


People compare new information with the existing way they understand things. If new information do not match up with their store of knowledge, they will distort the information that do not fit with their existing belief. We call this as selective distortion.

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