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I will give a brief definition for these four learning styles.

1. Practical Context is simply an individual who needs to know how to cope in situations; the drive and motivation behind this context of learning is more along the lines of, what there is to gain from learning; I must get something out of this in order to see where I benefit. (e.g.; knowing I will get an award or degree).

2. Personal Context is more along the lines of an independent drive for the individual. This context of learning is for a sense of accomplishment of personal goals.

3. Experiential Context is learning from experiences. Individuals who learn from this context zoom in on their past experiences and integrate them into teaching skills that will help them with future situations.

4. Idealistic Context is the drive to try new ideas, theories and concepts. Idealistic learners are motivated by challenging themselves to learn something new. Grades, diplomas or degrees does not motivate this learner. Totally opposite of the practical context of learning.

Personal context best motivates my learning because I like setting goals and accomplishing them. I’ll give you an example on how I accomplished one of my major goals. One of my main goals was to get hired with the federal Government. My best friend was hired with the federal government many years before I was and after listening to all the perks I can recall saying “I’m going to work there too”. My friend would always tell me, you must follow all the proper steps when applying if not, then you won’t be eligible.

From there I began setting goals and reading material on how to apply for federal jobs. My 1st goal was to get my resume done professionally. After accomplishing this, I began applying for jobs that matched my skills, in addition to role playing for interviews with a career coach (I was serious). Of course it took some time and I did get discouraged when I wasn’t selected for jobs I would apply for, I kept my eye on the prize. I landed a job with the federal government and have been employed now for 5 ½ years. Setting your goals and accomplishing them is one of the most rewarding feelings.

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