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The Verizon Communications Inc. is a company that specializes in the delivery of broadband, wire line and other wireless communication services to the mass market, wholesale customers and the government. In its operations, the company employs various control mechanisms in an effort to increase the quality and the output of the services offered.

Firstly, the company employs financial control in ensuring that it meets it costs and other obligations timely and in accordance with the set regulations. In this regard, the financial control is geared towards ensuring that transactions are processed in time and accurately to enable easy production of the necessary financial reports for both external and internal use. It is also geared towards maintaining a system of reconciliation in order to ensure the maintenance of the integrity and control of the Board’s banking accounts. The company also makes use of financial control measures in order to provide regular support to the various departments regarding funding requirements and cash forecasting (Philip, 2001, p.26).

Secondly, the company makes use of output management control mechanism in an effort to increase the financial flexibility. This helps the company to reduce the cost of managing costly office and other assets. It also helps the company to reduce the cost of delivering on the business value by ensuring that the cost of maintaining the existing assets in the company is kept at the minimum level. Moreover, output management helps in ensuring that the available resources give maximum output to the company (Philip, 2001, p.31).

Thirdly, the company makes use of management audits in an effort to provide evaluations about the performance of the company in managing its human and financial resources. This also allows the company to meet its primary objectives besides providing updated data on which to base any improvement on in case any is needed. It also helps in providing a method of disseminating and organizing information concerning the company thus improved internal and external operations (Philip, 2001, p.34).

Finally, the company makes use of the behavioral control measures to ensure smooth running and conformity to the organizational behavior especially among the staff. This in turn goes a long way in ensuring that the customer relationships are maintained at a high level and that the staffs follow the behaviors set by the company thus ensuring smooth running of the company.


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