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Situation: An opinion poll was done by a TV station through the phoned-in answers to a Yes or no question. What type of Sampling is this???? Answer:Convenience Sampling.

Daniella: One day, a TV show in the Philippines is having an opinion poll about the effectiveness and use of herbal medicine nowadays through phoned-in answers.

Nellen: Now we will be calling some of our televiewers, so better hold on to your phones. All you go to do is to answer our question, and *tantanaran* Our question for today, Are herbal medicines are effective and still in use nowadays? Yes or no?

Daniella: The TV host is dialing a number through a random number generator. The number has been picked, *kring kring* *kring kring*

Nellen: Greetings! This is Mr. Nellen from The Hualda’s TV. May we know your name? Cathy: Greetings too from Pilar, Bataan! I am Catherine Sta. Romana. Nellen: Hello Catherine! Can we ask you a question?

Cathy: Sure, go on.
Nellen: Are herbal medicines effective and still in use nowadays? Yes or No?
Cathy: For me, No. Herbal medicines aren’t quite effective for me and not in use nowadays. There is a lot of modern medicines and technologies for us to use and they are more proven safe. There is no doubt that modern medicine has been highly effective in the prevention and treatment of many illnesses. Nellen: Okay. Thank you for your cooperation and for sharing your opinion. God Bless You Catherine! Let’s call on to our next televiewer.

Daniella: Again, the tv host dialed a number and repeat the same question.

Nellen: Hello. This is Mr. Nellen from The Hualda’s TV. May we know your name, and Can we ask you a question?
Eljay: Hi Nellen! I am Eljay Teopengco from Balanga, Bataan. What is your question? Nellen: Are herbal medicines effective and still in use now a days? Eljay: I think, yes, they are. Because it is common, we can find them everywhere. In our backyard, garden and etc. Our grandparents have told us about it and still they are affordable and convenient. Some modern medicines came from herbs too. Nellen: Oh. Thank you Mr. Teopengco for sharing us your nice opinion and God Bless You. Bye. Nellen: Our question, are herbal medicines effective and still in use nowadays have just been answered. The results are draw. Half of the Filipinos still believed in the use of herbal medicine, while the other half don’t. Now, you judge for yourself for answering our question of the day. And that’s all for today guys. See you again tomorrow. Once Again, I am Nellen Hualda for Hualda’s TV. Daniella: They were all happy answering and viewing the opinion poll through phoned in answers.

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