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1. Modern routing devices have a software solution to detect crossover (called Auto- MDIX) and correct for it, allowing the use of straight cables to connect these devices instead of crossover cables. What is the benefit of this functionality for wiring a network?

We get more easy to access internet line and more easy to set up for with wires. LANs and WANs make use of electricity and copper wires to send data. Today, most LANs follow Ethernet standards, and Ethernet allows both copper cables and fiber-optic (glass) cables. 2. Signal repeaters will take the weak signal as input and retransmit it as a stronger signal. Why should these devices be placed before the end of the maximum distance for the cable?

Need to switch cable or modern for those or we need to use repeater because it’s going to bring up more signal for your devices. a repeater is an automatically controlled transmitter and receiver that simply transmits what the receiver hears simultaneously. Now make the operation fully automatic.

2. What is the limiting factor for the number of network connections a desktop or laptop computer can make? The limit on network connections a desktop can make is dependent on acceptable speed. A vast number of connections can be established, however each connection is a drain on overall speed which can reduce working ability to a crawl. Lab 4.2: Data Link Connections Reviews

Lab 4.3: Cabling Exploration Review
1. As the cost of copper increases and the cost of fiber- optic cable decreases, eventually fiber might be less expensive for local network connections than copper cable. What are some barriers to widespread adoption of fiber in place of UTP? The choice of cable in network cabling (or communication medium as it is sometimes called) is rather important because of the extremely high frequencies of the signals. Sending a 60-cycle utility power through a wire rarely presents a difficulty; but sending a 1 or 10 billion bits per second signal can be a lot more difficult. For this reason, the method of sending signals and the materials they are sent through can be important.

2. Most wireless devices for home and small office use have an effective broadcast radius of 35 meters ( or approximately 115 feet) and can share up to approximately 25 devices ( though for voice and video, it is recommended to reduce this to 10– 15 devices) per access point ( AP). How would this fit into your cabling hierarchy as a networking solution? ,

Lab 4.4 Cable Troubleshooting Review
1. Another troubleshooting strategy is known as Divide and Conquer. It requires that you have some knowledge of the problem before you begin. When would this strategy be most useful, and what is the benefit of being able to use it?

2. Why is it more efficient to check the status of network connections through software and command lines first before checking the physical hardware? When is it necessary to test the physical cable?

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