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* Some possible uses for copper are for money, roofing sheets, roofing tiles, flashing strips, gutters, downspouts, cupolas, vents, hand rails, light fixtures and signs are available in copper. In order to get a profit I would try to sell my copper to a good company.

* I would try to sell my copper for as much I can sell in order to make a profit. It might get us more experience because if we do business with the right people we make a profit and get experience.

* Ore malachite is like a green mineral. This is a carbonate like Azurite.

Researching Copper

Electrics and Electronics

In practical terms, copper is indispensable, not only in a multiplicity of functions in the world around us, but to our basic health, as it is a vital trace element in our daily diet, helping to ensure the health of body and brain. Like us, animals and plants could not thrive without it.


Copper wire has long been the preferred conductor material in the majority of cables used for power and telecommunications. Having high conductivity combined with a ductility that makes it easy to draw down to close-tolerance diameters, it can also be readily soldered to make economic, durable connections. It is compatible with all modern insulation materials but its good oxidation resistance means that it can also be used without any surface protection.

Plumbing & Heating

Copper tube is the standard plumbing material for potable water and heating systems in most European countries, and the preferred material of the professional plumber.


Copper sheet is light in weight, easy to work and join, visually attractive and extremely durable. It resists attacks by air and moisture.

The metal’s long-established use for roofing and cladding buildings is accentuated in the modern architect’s renewed interest in copper for its natural properties and, perhaps especially, for its excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion. The ever-changing patina is an integral feature of the appearance of a building as it weathers, the original copper glow gradually changing to a succession of warm brown tones before reaching the final distinctive green.

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