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Core Competence Of The Firm Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC


Sony Corporation is a giant in the field of electronics and it is one of the famous companies who is known for innovation and quality. Sony attained high competitive advantage through efficient handling of resources and potentials. It is keen in inducing people and keeping them engaged through entertainment and fun.  Sony has identified and developed certain core competencies in their filed in order to maximize the overall leadership position.

Core competency:

Sony is known for its miniaturization of electronic devices which is identified as their core competency that helps in building strong competitive advantage (QuickMBA, 2009). Consumers are attracted by Sony earlier through the products like walkman, portable CD player, and portable telev

ision sets which stood as the best example for miniaturization. Sony is the best player in the field

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of electronics which handled both tangible and intangible resources in an effective manner to maximize the output.

Innovation of Sony:

One of the most innovative ideas of Sony is introduction of Memory Stick DuoTM, which marks the beginning of the trend called current miniaturization. This enabled the development of products like portable audio players and cellular phones which are compatible with the memory stick (Oppapers, 2009). The memory sticks have the capacity to store more information although the size is too small. This creates high demand for Sony’s products and retains Sony’s brand image.


Sony is one of the most known and trusted products in the world. It is ranked 21st in the Business week among 100 most valued Brands. The three most important things that come to any consumers’ mind about Sony are quality, style and innovation.

Examples of companies that have improved their market position:

Canon – laser printer subsystems

Matsushita – VCR subsystems, compressors

NEC – semiconductors

Honda – gasoline powered engines

3M – substrates, coatings and adhesives

Black & Decker – small electric motors.


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