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*Emergency Department (Throughput)
There are 3 set measures that are taken into report for the emergency department. Median time from ED arrival to ED departure for discharged patients Door to diagnostic evaluation by qualified medical personnel Patient left without being seen

There are 2 set measures for the outpatient surgery department. Timing of Antibiotic Prophylaxis
Antibiotic Selection
Objectives: After explanation, discussion and presentation of the core measures and performance standards regarding the emergency department and outpatient surgery, the audience will: Have an understanding of what reportable data is used

Have an understanding of what those measures are
Have an understanding of what the nursing role is in making sure those requirements are met Have a better understanding of what the purpose of the core measures are Know how the data is used
Know the rationale of each standard listed.

Resources used in presentation of this topic:

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October 10. Emergency Department Throughput Measures Stratification. Retrieved from 2014, October 10. Quality Check. Retrieved from 2014, October 10.

Hospital Compare. Retrieved from 2014, November 10.

We will be using PowerPoint for our presentation.

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