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Core Values of the National Association of Social Workers Essay Sample

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Core Values of the National Association of Social Workers Essay Sample

The primary mission, also known as the code of ethics, for the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is to help enhance the well-being of people and to assist ignificant component of social is work is its focus on the well-being of individuals in a society. The core fundamental values, of the social work profession, are service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. The core values and code of ethics are put in place to ensure that all social workers are focused on the individuals they are helping and on helping those individuals become empowered. One of the core values of social work and a main part of working in the social work profession is service. I have chosen to give attention to this value becausThat is, they wish to help people in any way they can.

The value of service is important because it can be applied to any setting whether it is an individual, family, or community setting. The reason that service is one of the core values of social work is because it lets people know that social workers are there to help people without expecting anything in return. People do not go into this career to simply get ahead in the world, they do it so they can help those who are in need and that cannot necessarily help themselves. A person or family might need a boost in order to put help put their life together and that is why a social worker is there, to provide a service without expecting compensation. Social workers are to elevate service by helping other rather than focusing on one’s self- interest and they are to use their skills, knowledge and values in assisting people in need.

A situation where a social worker has an opportunity to serve is when a teenage girl becomes pregnant. A social worker can be there for the girl to talk to while beiially find a family if she chooses to give the baby up for adoption. Through this situation the client is the main focus and the social worker does not care about what she could get out of the situation she is only worried about what the mother wants and what is best for both the mother and baby. From my understanding a student that is contemplating a career in social work would find service important because it describes what a social worker is. Social workers are there to help other and service means to help another person. If you wish to go into social work you need to be willing to put others needs before your own without any kind of payment.

Of course there will be people who will argue that you do not need to be a service orienteon in order to go into social work, all you need is a willingness to help people better their lives, but isn’t that what service is, helping people better their lives. If a student considering a career in social work is not someone who enjoys service then they will have difficulties because their first instinct may not be to think of the needs of the client above all else. They may be more self-involved which is a problese in social work the individual, family, or community that you are servicing should always come first. Obviously there are many reasons why service is important to social work.

However, the main point is that service is about helping people and putting them first. I personally believe , whether it involves an individual, family, or community. Also, service is an important part in helping those who are oppressed, vulnerable, and living in poverty. No matter how much time or effort is needed if you give focus to the core value of service, in the social work profession, you can always know that you have helped to improve the lives of others.

NASW (2008). Code of Ethics of the National Aiation of Social Workers. Retrieved from www.sociworkers.org Riter, J.A., Vakalahi, H.F.O, & Kiernan-Stern, M. (2009). 101 careers in social work. New York: Springer Publishing Company

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