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Introduction of TOPIC

20,000 thousand dollars later, Corey Worthington (A sixteen year old party boy) throws the so called “best party ever”, showing no respect to anyone or anything even his own belongings.

“It all started as a small gathering”, Corey says ” it wasn’t my fault it could have been anyone walking down the street”. Trashing his own house, neighbours yards and police cars, What respect did he have?

Throwing a party can get out of hand as you can see from Corey Worthington’s little get together, but did he mean to do what he did?

Corey was the one who sent Facebook, MySpace and text message invites, so yes it was his fault he may no of sent them all out but it has been proven he did send most of them. If Corey had of thought of the consequences first he may not of h ad to deal with the fines and disrespect he has brought on himself. Thinking before doing can ha

ve a major impact on the event you are organising. Party’s

can get out of hand but on the other side party’s can be a success and safe.

What did Corey do wrong?

Corey’s party was full of guests aged from 16 to the oldest being 28, his party had no responsible adult supervision not to mention the combination of binge drinking and recreational drug use which could of also had a negative impact on Corey’s guest to cause them to just loose control. Corey could of made his party/get together a success and safe but how ?

– Corey could have waited until his parents returned home and asked for permission to To have a party.
– The legal age limit for alcohol consumption is 18, NOT 16. Alcohol and young teens Do not mix the alcohol consumption would of had a major impact on Corey’s party. – Corey could of hired security guard or even just had some responsible adult presence at his party.

Corey Worthington’s party is a pure example of a particular teenage party gone wrong, Corey’s friends and Corey himself showed no respect that night to neighbours, medical and emergency teams who could have been saving life’s rather than attending this party which could have been avoided but most of all Corey’s parents who didn’t even know about it, will they ever trust Corey again ? Therefore I am stating Corey as a “Moron with a cause” throwing a party, trashing cars and property that did not even belong to him all of this could have been avoided and he didn’t even take his famous sun glasses off to…..

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