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 I  picked  this  poem  thinking  this  seems like  a  funny  title  and  it  would be a confusing poem  that  had  a  simple  title  but  a  deep  meaning.  This  poem  had  a lot  of  alliteration  the  roots  er  and  re  were  repeated  very  often,and  the  only  roots  used  in  the  poem.  The  only  exception  to   this  order  was   the  the  first  line  in  verse  five  where  minotaur  was  used.  The  minotaur  was  placed  there  I  conclude  to  break  the  steady rhyme. This  is cleverly placed to bring the  attention  of  the  reader  to  the  conclusion.  “Here  is  where/  You  can  get  nowhere”  This itself  starts  the   poem  at  a  negative  context  and  a  feeling   of  hopelessness.  This  in  the  poem  represents  life  as  being  where  you  are  your  fate   has  decreed  to  be  there  is  no  point  of  struggling  or  trying  to  run  away  from  it.  All  of  life’s  problems  are  symbolized  as  the  corn  mazes  twist  and turns. “Like any other/ You can’t peer over/  And then another.” The twist in  turns  in  this  poem  like  problems  cannot  be  seen  ahead  of  time  you  just  run  into  them.

When  you are done dealing with one problem the  next one appears. As we try to shape our  destinies  by  ourselves  we wake blindly not knowing what  we do assuming we we are doing  whats  best  for  us.  “Your  inner  minotaur”  is  a psychological  term which can mean your fear  of  the  unknown  or  your  destiny. In  psychology  it  is  said  that  you walk on hands and knees  blindly   until  you  are  able  to  confront  your  inner   minotaur.  Which  coincidentally  correlates  with  the   poem.  “But  on  you  blunder”  shows  the  severity  of  our  method  of  pursuing  our  destiny.  To  summarize  the  poem  I  conclude  that  this  poem  shows  the  futility  of  life of how  no  matter  how  hard  we  try to  run we have acknowledge in the  end that we have accept we  have   go  nowhere  in  life.  I  like  the  pace  of  the  poem  it  goes  at  steady  pace.

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