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Cornelius Vanderbilt, a man with great power and great wealth. Ever since he turned 11 he was always involved in his father’s businesses. His enormous success was the effect of enormous businesses perhaps one of the most famous stories of rags to riches. From shipping to railroading, this millionaire strived in the economy. But, what kind of millionaire was he? A Captain of industry? or A Robber Baron? Cornelius’s great fortune

style="text-align: justify;">Cornelius’s great fortune arose in when he went into the railroading business. Because of the government’s great interest in expanding to the west, big businesses and companies were attracted to the money they offered. After the entire project was finished, Vanderbilt’s monopoly was already in session. His railroad empire was through New York and Harlem became his monopoly.

After making millions in the railroad business, Vanderbilt finally laid to rest in 1877. But the question remains, is he a captain of industry or a robber baron. Cornelius was a man of wealth and greed. He took drastic measures in the necessary situation such as when Vanderbilt sold some of his own supplies because he saw the upcoming crash in his business. A very smart idea that was, it saved him some good money that could have disappeared.

In conclusion, I believe that Vanderbilt is a Robber Baron. All the evidence piles up against him. He’s only out for himself, always putting himself before any person, crew, executive or anything. He never donated any sum of money to anything or at least not on record. Not anything to be memorable in any case. Others from rags to riches donated their enormous sums of money to charities across the world. So in my opinion, I think that Cornelius Vanderbilt is a Robber Baron.

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